Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Silver/diamond composite material - powder metallurgical route and thermo-physical properties
Hutsch, T.; Schubert, T.; Weißgärber, T.; Kieback, B.
Conference Paper
2017Study of WC- and Cr3C2-containing hardmetal compositions for thermal spray coatings
Berger, Lutz-Michael; Sassatelli, Paolo; Pötschke, Johannes; Puddu, Pietro
Conference Paper
2009Field-assisted densification of superhard B6O materials with Y2O3/Al2O3 addition
Herrmann, M.; Kleebe, H.J.; Raethel, J.; Sempf, K.; Lauterbach, S.; Müller, M.M.; Sigalas, I.
Journal Article
2009Tune the properties of a partially reactive system with SPS technology
Hutsch, T.; Weißgärber, T.; Schmidt, J.; Kieback, B.
Conference Paper
2007Densification of Sr-Mg doped SiAlONs with GPS and SPS
Kurama, S.; Herrmann, M.
Conference Paper
2007Integrierte Drucksensoren in keramischer Multilayerbauweise
Partsch, U.; Georgi, H.; Arndt, D.
Conference Paper
2007Transparent ceramics for structural applications. Pt.1: Physics of light transmission and technological consequences
Krell, A.; Hutzler, T.; Klimke, J.
Journal Article