Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Principal component analysis and singular value decomposition used for a numerical sensitivity analysis of a complex drawn part
Schwarz, Christian; Ackert, Patrick; Mauermann, Reinhard
Journal Article
2009Audio clips content comparison using latent semantic indexing
Biatov, K.; Köhler, J.; Schneider, D.
Conference Paper
2009Estimating traffic data in traffic networks by singular value decomposition and maximum-likelihood
Seydel, I.; Förster, G.; Klingner, M.
Conference Paper
2008Tagging of incidents from scattered historical large-scale traffic data sets
Förster, G.; Klingner, M.; Krimmling, J.
Conference Paper
1999Geometric Fitting of Line, Plane, Circle, Sphere and Ellipse
Ahn, S.J.; Rauh, W.; Recknagel, M.
Conference Paper
1999Geometric Least Squares Fitting of Circle and Ellipse
Ahn, S.J.; Rauh, W.
Journal Article