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1996Lattice locations of silicon atoms in delta-doped layers in GaAs at high doping concentrations
Newman, R.C.; Ashwin, M.J.; Fahy, M.R.; Hart, L.; Holmes, S.N.; Roberts, C.; Zhang, X.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article
1995Atomic-scale controlled incorporation of ultrahigh-density Si doping sheets in GaAs
Däweritz, L.; Hey, R.; Ramsteiner, M.; Wagner, J.; Maier, M.; Kostial, H.; Behrend, J.; Höricke, M.
Journal Article
1995Wire-Like ordering of Si dopant atoms on GaAs-001- vincinal surgaces studied by raman scattering
Ramsteiner, M.; Däweritz, L.; Hey, R.; Jungk, G.; Wagner, J.
Conference Paper
1994Magneto-photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy in a centre Si delta-doped GaAs/Al0.33Ga0.67As double heterostructure.
Wagner, J.; Calleja, J.M.; Mestres, N.; Richards, D.; Fischer, A.; Ploog, K.
Journal Article