Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2014Erweiterte Entscheidungsunterstützung durch IKT-Lösungen im Maritimen Transport. Das Projekt Monalisa 2.0
Jahn, Carlos; John, Ole
2010Determination of structure and electronic properties of free, supported and ligand protected metal clusters by density functional theory
Walter, M.; Moseler, M.
Conference Paper
2010Nanocrystalline boron-doped diamond films, a mixture of BCS-like and non-BCS-like superconducting grains
Dahlem, F.; Achatz, P.; Williams, O.A.; Araujo, D.; Courtois, H.; Bustarret, E.
Journal Article
2009Olefin bonding mechanism and growth to (1 0 0)(2 × 1):H diamond
Nebel, C.E.; Yang, N.; Uetsuka, H.
Journal Article
2007Softlanding and STM imaging of Ag (561) clusters on a C (60) monolayer
Duffe, S.; Irawan, T.; Bieletzki, M.; Richter, T.; Sieben, B.; Yin, C.; Issendorff, B. von; Moseler, M.; Hövel, H.
Journal Article
Reschke, S.
Journal Article
1994Investigation of heteroepitaxial diamond films by scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy
Jiang, X.; Schiffmann, K.I.
Journal Article
1994Postprocessing of nm-period multilayer structure
Gorbunov, A.A.; Pompe, W.; Dietsch, R.; Mai, H.; Panzner, M.; Krawietz, R.; Wehner, B.
Conference Paper