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2019Enhanced Material Quality in SMART Moni-Si Block Cast Ingots by Introduction of Functional Defects
Riepe, S.; Krenckel, P.; Hayama, Y.; Hess, A.; Trötschler, T.; Kutsukake, K.; Maus, S.; Schindler, F.; Usami, N.
Conference Paper
2006Smart Maintenance Objects - Einsatz von RF-Technologien in der Instandhaltungslogistik komplexer Anlagen
Plate, C.; Röben, H.
Conference Paper
2004Structural health monitoring of smart structures using pattern recognition and adaptive digital filters
Mayer, D.; Herold, S.; Atzrodt, H.
Conference Paper
2002Knowledge-intensive cooperation in regional production networks
Wagner, K.; Edelmann, C.
Conference Paper
1994From Vision to Synthesis - A New Approach to the Integration of Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Image Synthesis
Hildebrand, A.; Müller, W.
Conference Paper