Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020QoS Evaluation and Prediction for C-V2X Communication in Commercially-Deployed LTE and Mobile Edge Networks
Torres-Figueroa, Luis; Schepker, Henning F.; Jiru, Josef
Conference Paper
2019Accurate QoS Prediction for CSMA/CA Systems with Uncorrelated Interference
Schepker, Henning F.; Saad, Ahmad
Conference Paper
2019Collaborative and distributed QoS monitoring and prediction: A heterogeneous link layer concept towards always resilient V2X communication
Hincapie, Daniel; Saad, Ahmad; Jiru, Josef
Conference Paper
2019Experimental Evaluation of Statistical Delay Bound for IEEE 802.15.4 TSCH Networks
Sunkum Rammurthy, Abhishek
: Petreska, Neda (Supervisor); Zoppi, Samuele (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2019Warum Mobile Edge Computing am Feldrand? Eine Einführung in das Projekt INVIA
Stiller, Michael
2017Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm For Wireless Heterogeneous Networks Under Statistical Delay Constraints
Prakash Padalkar, Pranav
: Schmeink, Anke (Reviewer); Petreska, Neda (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2016Low-Delay Forwarding with Multiple Candidates for VANETs Using Multi-Criteria Decision Making
Roscher, Karsten; Jiru, Josef; Knorr, Rudi
Conference Paper
2016Reliable message forwarding in VANETs for delay-sensitive applications
Roscher, Karsten; Maierbacher, Gerhard
Conference Paper
2014Expressing quality of service and protection using federation-level service level agreement
Blasi, Lorenzo; Jensen, Jens; Ziegler, Wolfgang
Conference Paper
2014On the effectiveness of medium access with predictive collision avoidance
Saad, Ahmad; Staehle, Barbara; Chen, Yun
Conference Paper
2014Power minimization for industrial wireless networks under statistical delay constraints
Petreska, Neda; Al-Zubaidy, Hussein; Gross, James
Conference Paper
2013Energy-efficient multi-hop transmission for machine-to-machine communications
Dombrowski, Christian; Petreska, Neda; Görtzen, Simon; Schmeink, Anke; Gross, James
Conference Paper
2013Towards new routing solutions for wireless industrial networks
Petreska, Neda
Conference Paper
2013Towards QoS-aware load distribution in heterogeneous networks
Niephaus, Christian; Kretschmer, Mathias; Ghinea, Gheorghita
Conference Paper
2012Auto-collaboration for optimal network resource utilization in fixed IPv6 networks
Tcholtchev, N.; Prakash, A.; Schieferdecker, I.; Chaparadza, R.; Petre, R.
Conference Paper
2011Connecting mobile phones via carrier-grade meshed wireless back-haul networks
Kretschmer, Mathias; Hasse, Peter; Niephaus, Christian; Horstmann, Thorsten; Jonas, Karl
Conference Paper
2009User-adapted service selection in pervasive computing environments
Shi, L.
: Prinz, W.; Oppermann, R.
Master Thesis
2006Ambient intelligence systems. Scenarios and challenges
Anastasopoulos, M.; Böhr, F.; Patzke, T.; Peper, C.; Schneider, D.; Sohn, M.
2006QoS specification in ambient intelligence systems
Schneider, D.; Anastasopoulos, M.; Bayer, J.; Becker, M.; Webel, C.
2004Bluetooth scatternet formation - state of the art and a new approach
Knorr, R.; Augel, M.
Conference Paper
2002Federated accounting management system architecture for multimedia service usage management
Bhushan, B.; Gringel, T.; Ryan, C.; Leray, E.; Leastar, E. de; Cloney, J.
Conference Paper
2002Quality of service in multi-service in-house communications systems
Steffen, R.; Augel, M.; Zeller, M.; Knorr, R.
Conference Paper
2000Design of spreading sequences for SMPT-based CDMA systems
Stanczak, S.; Boche, H.; Fitzek, F.H.P.; Wolisz, A.
Conference Paper
2000Histogram method for identification and evaluation of crosstalk
Weinert, C.M.; Caspar, C.; Konitzer, M.; Rohde, M.
Journal Article
2000Service level management with agent technology
Bissel, T.; Bogen, M.; Bonkowski, C.; Hadamschek, V.
Journal Article