Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Influence of policy discourse networks on local energy transitions
Brugger, Heike; Henry, Adam D.
Journal Article
2020The role of policy entrepreneurs in defining directions of innovation policy: A case study of automated driving in the Netherlands
Salas Gironés, Edgar; Est, Rinie van; Verbong, Geert
Journal Article
2020Zero carbon homes in the UK? Analysing the co-evolution of policy mix and socio-technical system
Edmondson, Duncan L.; Rogge, Karoline; Kern, Florian
Journal Article
2019The co-evolution of policy mixes and socio-technical systems: Towards a conceptual framework of policy mix feedback in sustainability transitions
Edmondson, Duncan L.; Kern, Florian; Rogge, Karoline
Journal Article
2018Harnessing theories of the policy process for analysing the politics of sustainability transitions: A critical survey
Kern, Florian; Rogge, Karoline
Journal Article
2017Conceptual and empirical advances in analysing policy mixes for energy transitions
Rogge, Karoline; Kern, Florian; Howlett, Michael
Journal Article
2017Unpacking policy processes for addressing systemic problems in technological innovation systems: The case of offshore wind in Germany
Reichardt, Kristin; Rogge, Karoline; Negro, Simona O.
Journal Article