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2018Physiologisch basierte toxikokinetische (PBTK) Modellierung zur Aufnahme von Chemikalien/Aerosolen über die Lunge
Winkler, Daniel Sandro
: Escher, Sylvia E. (Betr.); Esch, Christina (Betr.)
Master Thesis
2010Impaired tissue clearance of verapamil in rat cardiac hypertrophy results in transcriptional repression of ion channels
Zwadlo, C.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
2010Simulation-based comparison of two approaches frequently used for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
Zwick, S.; Brix, G.; Tofts, P.S.; Strecker, R.; Kopp-Schneider, A.; Laue, H.; Semmler, W.; Kiessling, F.
Journal Article
2003A rapid and simple CYP2D6 genotyping assay - Case study with the analgetic tramadol
Borlak, J.; Hermann, R.; Erb, K.; Thum, T.
Journal Article
2002Application of restricted access material (RAM) with precolumn-switching and matrix solid-phase dispersion (MSPD) to the study of the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of Verapamil
Walles, M.; Borlak, J.; Levsen, K.
Journal Article
2002Verapamil drug metabolism studies by automated in-tube solid phase microextraction
Walles, M.; Mullett, W.M.; Levsen, K.; Borlak, J.; Wünsch, G.; Pawliszyn, J.
Journal Article
2001Inhalation studies with the Göttingen minipig
Koch, W.; Windt, H.; Walles, M.; Borlak, J.; Clausing, P.
Journal Article
2001Tramadol disposition in CYP2D6 genotyped human subjects. Genetic variations in susceptibility to xenobiotics
Borlak, J.; Thum, T.
Journal Article
1988Pharmacokinetics and efficacies of obidoxime and atropine in paraoxon poisoning.
Schoene, K.; König, A.; Oldiges, H.; Krügel, M.
Journal Article