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2011Emerging testing trends and the Panlab enabling infrastructure
Wahle, S.; Tranoris, C.; Denazis, S.; Gavras, A.; Koutsopoulos, K.; Magedanz, T.; Tompros, S.
Journal Article
2011Heterogenous resource description and management in generic resource federation frameworks
Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.; Fox, S.; Power, E.
Conference Paper
2011Interoperability in heterogeneous resource federations
Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.; Campowsky, K.
Conference Paper
2010Conceptual design and use cases for a FIRE resource federation framework
Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.; Gavras, A.
Book Article
2010Pan-European testbed and experimental facility federation - architecture refinement and implementation
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Journal Article
2009Control of resources in Pan-European testbed federation
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Book Article
2009FIRE facility infrastructure provisioning - a cross-layer and cross-domain approach
Magedanz, T.; Wahle, S.
Conference Paper
2009Technical infrastructure for a Pan-European federation of testbeds
Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.; Gavras, A.; Hrasnica, H.; Denazis, S.
Conference Paper
2009Using Panlab Federation Mechanisms and Infrastructure for Cloud Experiments
Wahle, S.
2008Modular exposure of next generation network services to enterprises and testbed federations
Schreiner, F.; Wahle, S.; Blum, N.; Magedanz, T.
Conference Paper
2008Network domain federation - infrastructure for federated testbeds
Wahle, S.; Gavras, A.; Gouveia, F.; Hrasnica, H.; Magedanz, T.
Conference Paper