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2018Development and characterization of p-type PERT solar cells
Meier, Sebastian
: Paul, O.; Glunz, Stefan W. (Referent); Altermatt, Pietro P. (Referent)
2018Efficiency Potential of P-Type PERT vs. PERC Solar Cells
Meier, S.; Wasmer, S.; Fell, A.; Wöhrle, N.; Greulich, J.; Wolf, A.
Conference Paper
2018A step‐by‐step optimization of the c-Si bottom cell in monolithic perovskite/c-Si tandem devices
Wu, Yiliang; Fell, Andreas; Weber, Klaus J.
Journal Article
2017Experimental verification of internal resistance moldels for PERT-type solar cells
Meier, S.; Unmüßig, S.; Brand, A.; Saint-Cast, P.; Fellmeth, T.; Wolf, A.; Glunz, S.
Journal Article
2017Fast co-diffusion process for bifacial n-type solar cells
Meier, S.; Maier, S.; Demberger, C.; Wolf, A.; Biro, D.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2017Internal resistance of rear totally diffused solar cells with line shaped contacts
Meier, S.; Saint-Cast, P.; Wöhrle, N.; Fell, A.; Greulich, J.; Wolf, A.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2014Reduction of Picosecond Laser Ablation Threshold and Damage Via Nanosecond Pre-Pulse for Removal of Dielectric Layers on Silicon Solar Cells
Brand, A.; Meyer, F.; Nekarda, J.-F.; Preu, R.
Journal Article