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2021Process Development for the Fabrication of Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolyzer
Patel, Samarth Binal
: Klobes, Benedikt (Betreuer); Cremers, Carsten (Betreuer); Gómez Villa, Eduardo Daniel (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2019Analysis of manufacturing processes for metallic and composite bipolar plates
Porstmann, Sebastian; Petersen, Allan Christian; Wannemacher, Thomas
Conference Paper
2019FIT-4-AMANDA - STACK-ROBOTER AUSGELIEFERT. Automatische Fertigungsanlage für PEM-Stacks
Porstmann, Sebastian; Biák, Martin
Journal Article
2018Analysis on the supportive technology for optimized manufacturability vs stack performance
Porstmann, Sebastian; Scheffler, Sören; Mainka, Cornelia
2016Comparability of developed test procedures at normal operating conditions for PEM fuel cell stacks and modules analyzed in Round-Robin-Tests
Jungmann, T.; Nürnberg, K.; Harms, C.
2016Highly efficient and long-term stable micro fuel cell system based on ceramic multilayer technology
Goldberg, Adrian; Röntzsch, Lars; Pohlmann, Carsten; Freytag, Christian; Tagne Saha, Ariel Thierry; Ziesche, Steffen; Partsch, Uwe
Conference Paper
2011Ceramic interface and multilayer technology for micro fuel cells
Ziesche, S.; Partsch, U.; Michaelis, A.
Conference Paper
2003Combined heat power chilling with fuel cell, microturbine, gas engine and thermal chilllers - the project PEM-Oberhausen, a CHPC minigrid and its follow-ups
Hiller, R.; Doetsch, C.; Noeres, P.; Althaus, W.
Conference Paper