Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Experimental and theoretical study of a magnetron DC-PECVD acetylene discharge
Fauroux, Antoine; Pflug, Andreas; Lucas, Stéphane
Journal Article
2020The effects of carbon incorporation on the refractive index of PECVD silicon oxide layers
Torda, Benjamin; Rachdi, Lazhar; Mohamed Okasha Mohamed Okasha, Asmaa; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Hofmann, Marc
Journal Article
2020Experimental and theoretical study of a magnetron DC-PECVD acetylene discharge
Fauroux, Antoine; Vandenabeele, Cédric; Pflug, Andreas; Lucas, Stéphane
Journal Article
2020Nanostrukturierte Beschichtung
Meyer, F.; Burmeister, F.
Journal Article
2019Large Area TOPCon Cells Realized by a PECVD Tube Process
Feldmann, F.; Fellmeth, T.; Steinhauser, B.; Nagel, H.; Ourinson, D.; Mack, S.; Lohmüller, E.; Polzin, J.-I.; Benick, J.; Richter, A.; Moldovan, A.; Bivour, M.; Clement, F.; Rentsch, J.; Hermle, M.; Glunz, S.W.
Conference Paper
2019Mikrowellenplasmaunterstützte Prozesse für Anwendungen in der Halbleitertechnologie
Altmannshofer, Stephan
: Kutter, C.; Eisele, I.
2019Plasma Oxidation for the Front Side Passivation of PERC Solar Cells
Mohamed Okasha Mohamed Okasha, A.; Kafle, B.; Torda, B.; Teßmann, C.; Moldovan, A.; Hofmann, M.
Conference Paper
2019Roll-to-Roll deposition of silicon-plasma polymers
Top, Michiel
Journal Article
2018Development of 4 nm-Thin PECVD aluminium oxide using plasma analysis and its application to PERC solar cells and modules
Hofmann, Marc; Wagenmann, Dirk; Teßmann, Christopher; Jäcklein, Martin; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Eberlein, Dirk; Kraft, Achim; Dippell, Torsten; May, Frank; Dörr, Manfred; Cord, Bernhard; Schütte, Thomas; Neiß, Peter; Eichhorn, Lutz; Klick, Michael; Richter, Uwe; Siemers, Michael; Wiedemuth, Peter
Conference Paper
2018Effect of humidity on the residual stress in silicon-containing plasma polymeric coatings
Top, Michiel; Mulder, Guus; Prager, Nicole; Fahlteich, John; Hosson, Jeff de
Journal Article
2018Inline PECVD Deposition of Poly-Si-Based Tunnel Oxide Passivating Contacts
Temmler, J.; Polzin, J.-I.; Feldmann, F.; Kraus, L.; Kafle, B.; Mack, S.; Moldovan, A.; Hermle, M.; Rentsch, J.
Journal Article
2018Introduction of a new baffle-plate concept to control the gas flow behavior in a large volume PECVD chamber
Freitas Barbosa, Gustavo Simiema de; Vissing, Klaus; Mayer, Bernd
Journal Article
2018Modern coating and annealing technologies for advanced multifunctional layer stacks
Preußner, Thomas; Junghähnel, Manuela; Westphalen, Jasper; Täschner, Kerstin
Conference Paper
Saint-Cast, P.; Hofmann, M.
Book Article
2017Hollow-cathode activated PECVD for the high-rate deposition of permeation barrier films
Top, Michiel; Schönfeld, Steffen; Fahlteich, John; Bunk, Sebastian; Kühnel, Thomas; Straach, Steffen; Hosson, Jeff T. de
Journal Article
2017Inline PECVD deposition of a-Si layers for heterojunction solar cells on an industrial scale
Temmler, J.; Moldovan, A.; Putra, D.; Bivour, M.; Rentsch, J.
Conference Paper
2016Increasing the efficiency of forging operations using adjusted tribological surfaces enhanced by hard coatings
Behrens, B.-A.; Bouguecha, A.; Husic, A.; Baumer, M.; Paschke, H.; Lippold, L.
Journal Article
2015An old workhorse for new applications: Fe(dpm)(3) as a precursor for low-temperature PECVD of iron(III) oxide
Carraro, G.; Maccato, C.; Gasparotto, A.; Barreca, D.; Walter, M.; Mayrhofer, L.; Moseler, M.; Venzo, A.; Seraglia, R.; Marega, C.
Journal Article
2014PECVD Al2O3 for Surface Passivation: A Review of Solar Cell and Thin Layer Characteristics Silicon Solar Cell
Kühnhold, S.; Saint-Cast, P.; Hofmann, M.; Paramanathan, R.; El-Safoury, M.; Kafle, B.; Kania, D.; Weiss, L.; Heo, Y.-H.; Billot, E.; Olwal, P.; Rentsch, J.; Preu, R.
Conference Paper
2014PECVD of poly-SiGe/Ge layers with increased total gas flow
Wang, Qiang; Goehlich, Andreas; Ruß, Marco; Yang, Pin; Vogt, Holger
Journal Article
2014Synthesis and Deposition of Metal Nanoparticles by Gas Phase Condensation Process
Glöß, Daniel; Maicu, Marina; Frach, Peter; Schmittgens, Ralph; Hecker, Dominik; Gerlach, Gerald
Conference Paper
2013Co-diffused back-contact back-junction silicon solar cells
Keding, R.; Stüwe, D.; Kamp, M.; Reichel, C.; Wolf, A.; Woehl, R.; Borchert, D.; Reinecke, H.; Biro, D.
Conference Paper
2013High rate low pressure plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for barrier and optical coatings
Günther, S.; Fahland, M.; Fahlteich, J.; Meyer, B.; Straach, S.; Schiller, N.
Conference Paper
2013Plasma parameter investigation during plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of silicon-containing diamond-like carbon films
Grotjahn, T.; Aslanbas, Ö.; Mee, M.; König, M.; Meier, S.
Journal Article
2013Wear reducing coating systems with adapted lubrication for hot forming tools
Paschke, H.; Bistron, M.
Journal Article
2012Entwicklung einer lichtbogengestützten PECVD-Technologie für die Synthese siliziumbasierter Schichtsysteme unter Atmosphärendruck
Rogler, Daniela
: Beyer, Eckhard (Betreuer); Neidhardt, Andreas (Gutachter); Kaskel, Stefan (Gutachter)
2012A novel nanoparticle source for vacuum deposition
Schmittgens, R.; Holst, E.; Gerlach, G.; Bartzsch, H.; Glöß, D.; Maicu, M.; Frach, P.
Conference Paper
2011Composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of boron containing multilayer coatings for hot forming tools
Paschke, H.; Stueber, M.; Ziebert, C.; Bistron, M.; Mayrhofer, P.
Journal Article
2011High rate deposition of hard a-C:H films using microwave excited plasma enhanced CVD
Günther, M.; Bialuch, I.; Peter, S.; Bewilogua, K.; Richter, F.
Journal Article
2011Plasma-enhanced CVD of ZnO with varying doping levels on different substrates
Schmidt, J.; Kinski, I.; Michaelis, A.; Uhlig, S.
2010Multifunctional optical coatings on polymers deposited by pulse magnetron sputtering and magnetron enhanced PECVD
Frach, P.; Bartzsch, H.; Täschner, K.; Liebig, J.-S.
Journal Article
2010Transparente Hochbarriereschichten auf flexiblen Substraten
Fahlteich, J.
2009Control of plasma process instabilities during thin silicon film deposition
Hrunski, D.; Grählert, W.; Beese, H.; Kilper, T.; Gordijn, A.; Appenzeller, W.
Journal Article
2009Multifunctional optical coatings on polymers deposited by pulse magnetron sputtering and magnetron enhanced PECVD
Frach, P.; Bartzsch, H.; Taeschner, K.; Liebig, J.; Schultheiß, E.
Conference Paper
2009Properties of plasma polymerized thin films deposited from hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) by magnetron-assisted PECVD process
Nyderle, R.; Preußner, T.; Blüthner, R.; Pavic, D.
Conference Paper
2009A versatile system for large area coating of nanocomposite thin films
Schmittgens, R.; Wolf, M.; Schultheiss, E.
Journal Article
2008Deposition of functional coatings on PET films by Magnetron-PECVD
Fahland, M.; Vogt, T.; Meyer, B.; Fahlteich, J.; Schiller, N.
Conference Paper
2008Electrically insulating Al2O3 and SiO2 films for sensor and photovoltaic applications deposited by reactive pulse magnetron sputtering, hollow cathode arc activated deposition and magnetron-PECVD
Frach, P.; Bartzsch, H.; Glöß, D.; Fahland, M.; Händel, F.
Conference Paper
2007Generation of stable coatings with carboxylic groups by copolymerization of MAA and VTMS using DBD at atmospheric pressure
Thomas, M.; Hausen, M. von; Klages, C.-P.; Baumhof, P.
Conference Paper
2002Detailed study of the composition of hydrogenated SiNX layers for high-quality silicon surface passivation
Mächel, H.; Lüdemann, R.
Journal Article
1997Beschichtungen zur Verminderung der Umweltbelastung bei Umformprozessen. Teilvorhaben: Entwicklung und Charakterisierung geeigneter Schichtsysteme
Taube, K.
1996Low-temperature plasma deposition of passivating layers with low hydrogen content for optoelectronic devices
Sah, R.E.; Baumann, H.
Conference Paper
1995Deposition of high quality TiN using tetra-iso-propoxide titanium in an electron cyclotron resonance plasma process
Weber, A.; Pöckelmann, R.; Klages, C.-P.
Journal Article
1991Bindungsstruktur in plasmapolymerisierten Schichten aus Vinyltrimethylsilan
Kruse, A.; Hennecke, M.; Baalmann, A.; Stuke, H.; Schlett, V.
Journal Article