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2020Transparent Ceramics
Goldstein, Adrian; Krell, Andreas; Burshstein, Zeev
2019Effects of gas-phase conditions and particle size on the properties of Cu(111)-supported ZnyOx particles revealed by global optimization and ab initio thermodynamics
Reichenbach, T.; Walter, M.; Moseler, M.; Hammer, B.; Bruix, A.
Journal Article
2016Characterization of perovskite solar cells: Towards a reliable measurement protocol
Zimmermann, E.; Wong, K.K.; Müller, M.; Hu, H.; Ehrenreich, P.; Kohlstädt, M.; Würfel, U.; Mastroianni, S.; Mathiazhagan, G.; Hinsch, A.; Gujar, T.P.; Thelakkat, M.; Pfadler, T.; Schmidt-Mende, L.
Journal Article
2016Deposition of abrasion resistant single films and antireflective coatings on sapphire
Bruns, S.; Vergöhl, M.; Zickenrott, T.; Bräuer, G.
Journal Article
2016Nondestructive cell evaluation techniques in SOFC stack manufacturing
Wunderlich, Christian
Conference Paper
2016Transparent ceramics at 50: Progress made and further prospects
Goldstein, Adrian; Krell, Andreas
Journal Article
2015TiOx based thermoelectric modules - manufacturing, properties and operational behavior
Schilm, Jochen; Pönicke, Andreas; Kluge, Martin; Sichert, Ina; Martin, Hans-Peter; Michaelis, Alexander
Journal Article
1997Regeneration of OH in the reaction system OH-C2H2-O2-NO
Bohn, B.; Zetzsch, C.
Conference Paper