Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Integration and performance analysis of OrchSec architecture
Bhandari, Prakash
: Khondoker, Rahamatullah; Trick, Ulrich; Lehmann, Armin
Master Thesis
2016Performance optimization of a software-defined networking (SDN) security architecture
Ali, Syed Faraz
: Khondoker, Rahamatullah; Keil, Ferdinand; Hofmann, Klaus
Master Thesis
2015Automated security in software-defined networks
Senf, Daniel
: Khondoker, Rahamatullah; Larbig, Pedro; Gruschka, Nils
Master Thesis
2015Industrial Software Defined Networking
Neff, Sebastian
: Margraf, Marian; Müller, Andreas; Larbig, Pedro; Khondoker, Rahamatullah
Bachelor Thesis
2015Security analysis of OpenRadio and SoftRAN with STRIDE framework
Magin, Daniel; Khondoker, Rahamatullah; Bayarou, Kpatcha
2015Security analysis of software defined networking applications for monitoring and measurement. sFlow and BigTap
Dauer, Pascal; Khondoker, Rahamatullah; Marx, Ronald; Bayarou, Kpatcha
Conference Paper
2014Detection and mitigation algorithm for malicious TCP port scan attacks in software-defined networking
Purushothama, Rakesh
: Khondoker, Rahamatullah (Prüfer); Marx, Ronald (Prüfer); Virtanen, Seppo (Prüfer); Hakkala, Antti (Prüfer)
Master Thesis
2014Security analysis of software defined networking protocols - OpenFlow, OF-Config and OVSDB
Brandt, Markus; Khondoker, Rahamatullah; Marx, Ronald; Bayarou, Kpatcha
2013Elastic network design and adaptive flow placement in software defined networks
Mueller, Julius; Wierz, Andreas; Vingarzan, Dragos; Magedanz, Thomas
Conference Paper
2013Toward a full implementation of SCIM functional block in IMS framework
Hung, Nguyen Tai; Thanh, Nguyen Huu; Magedanz, Thomas; Mueller, Julius
Conference Paper