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2009Composition and interface chemistry dependence in ohmic contacts to GaN HEMT structures on the Ti/Al ratio and annealing conditions
Kolaklieva, L.; Kakanakov, R.; Stefanov, P.; Cimalla, V.; Maroldt, S.; Ambacher, O.; Tonisch, K.; Niebelschütz, F.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2009Effect of annealing on the properties of indium-tin-oxynitride films as ohmic contacts for GaN-based optoelectronic devices
Himmerlich, M.; Koufaki, M.; Ecke, G.; Mauder, C.; Cimalla, V.; Schaefer, J.A.; Kondilis, A.; Pelekanos, N.T.; Modreanu, M.; Krischok, S.; Aperathitis, E.
Journal Article
1996Interface formation between deposited Sn and Hg(0,8)Cd(0,2)Te
Zimmermann, H.; Keller, R.C.; Meisen, P.; Richter, H.J.; Seelmann-Eggebert, M.
Journal Article
1993Capacitance-voltage measurements on Schottky diodes with poor Ohmic contacts.
Steiner, K.
Journal Article
1991An experimental verfication of the Monte Carlo particle model.
Moglestue, C.
Conference Paper