Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Simultaneous Wireless Data and Power Transfer for a 1-Gb/s GaAs VCSEL and Photovoltaic Link
Fakidis, J.; Helmers, H.; Haas, H.
Journal Article
20180.5-Gb/s OFDM-Based Laser Data and Power Transfer Using a GaAs Photovoltaic Cell
Fakidis, J.; Videv, S.; Helmers, H.; Haas, H.
Journal Article
2017Enhancing the Performance of WiNPLC Smart Grid Communication with MIMO NB-PLC
Moaveninejad, Sadaf; Saad, Ahmad; Magarini, Maurizio
Conference Paper
2017Performance of generalized frequency division multiplexing based physical layer in vehicular communications
Zhang, Dan; Festag, Andreas; Fettweis, Gerhard
Journal Article
2015Robust 2D+1D adaptive channel estimation scheme in OFDM systems
Almoneer, Mohammed; Rohde, Christian; Hassan, Khaled Shawky; Gerstacker, Wolfgang
Conference Paper
2014Efficient supporting methods for adaptive pilot-aided channel estimation in OFDM systems
Rohde, Christian; Lipp, Stefan; Stadali, Holger; Gerstacker, Wolfgang; Koch, Wolfgang
Conference Paper
2014Modulation classification in wireless OFDM systems with MAP estimator
Husmann, Christopher
: Iscan, Onurcan (Supervisor); Chen, Yun (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2014Performance comparison and complexity analysis of equalization techniques in MIMO NB-PLC
Moaveninejad, Sadaf
: Saad, Ahmad (Supervisor); Shibli, Kamel (Supervisor); Mondin, Marina (Supervisor); Garello, Roberto (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2012Feasibility of SDR for satellite broadcasting
Gay, Matthias; Lampe, Alexander; Breiling, Marco; Niemann, Bernhard; Grassmann, Cyprian
Conference Paper
2009Zukünftige Mobilfunksysteme
Euting, T.
Journal Article
2005Adaptive Dienstgütesteuerung bei leitungsgebundenen Mehrträgersystemen
Langguth, Torsten
: Ruge, Ingolf (Betreuer); Eberspächer, Jörg (Betreuer)
2002Referenzdatenfreie Kanalschätzung für Multiträgerübertragung
Klinski, Robert
: Ruge, Ingolf (Prüfer); Leuthold, Peter E. (Prüfer)
2001An increase of the rate of convergence for blind channel estimation
Klinski, R.; Hutzelmann, H.; Steckenbiller, H.; Knorr, R.
Book Article
2001An Increase of the Rate of Convergence for Blind Channel Estimation
Klinski, R.; Hutzelmann, H.; Steckenbiller, H.; Knorr, R.
1997Numerical analysis of transparency limitations in optical core networks
Freund, R.; Strebel, B.
Conference Paper
1996Number of wavelengths and switching capacity of OFDM/WDM networks
Giglmayr, J.; Reinicke, R.
Conference Paper
1995Optimal assignment of wavelengths to the paths of a network
Giglmayr, J.
Conference Paper