Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Quantification and Evaluation of Parameter and Model Uncertainty for Passive and Active Vibration Isolation
Lenz, Jonathan; Platz, Roland
Conference Paper
2018Correlation between comprehensive 2D liquid chromatography and Monte Carlo simulations for branched polymers
Apel, Nico; Ramakrishnan, Vaidyanath; Uliyanchenko, Elena; Moyses, Stephan; Wold, Christian; Macko, Tibor; Brüll, Robert
Journal Article
2018TiOx deposited by magnetron sputtering
Tonneau, R.; Moskovkin, P.; Pflug, A.; Lucas, S.
Journal Article
2016Monetary quantification of supply risks of manufacturing enterprises - discrete event simulation based approach
Cube, Philipp von; Härtel, Lasse; Schmitt, Robert; Ponsard, Christophe; Massonet, Philippe; Landtsheer, Renaud de; Ospina, Gustavo; Printz, Stephan; Jeschke, Sabina
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2012Aluminum ordering and clustering in Al-rich synthetic phlogopite: {1H} -> 29Si CPMAS HETCOR spectroscopy and atomistic calculations
Langner, Ramona; Fechtelkord, Michael; Garcia, Alberto; Palin, Erika J.; Lopez-Solano, Javier
Journal Article
2012Generation of random parameters of behavioral models
Lange, André; Haase, Joachim; Sohrmann, Christoph; Jancke, Roland
Conference Paper
2010An approach to quantify the influence of uncertainties in model-based usage-monitoring of load-carrying systems
Koenen, J.F.; Platz, R.; Hanselka, H.
Conference Paper
2010Coupling of Monte Carlo sputter simulation and feature-scale profile simulation and application to the simulation of back etching of an intermetal dielectric
Baer, E.; Kunder, D.; Lorenz, J.; Sekowski, M.; Paschen, Uwe
Conference Paper
2010Quantitative integration of NDT with probabilistic fracture mechanics for the assessment of fracture risk in pipelines
Kurz, J.H.; Cioclov, D.D.; Dobmann, G.; Boller, C.
Conference Paper
2009VHDL-AMS statistical analysis for marginal probabilities
Haase, J.; Sohrmann, C.
Conference Paper
2008Berücksichtigung von Streuungen in der simulationsgeschützten Funktions- und Zuverlässigkeitsanalyse
Jöckel, M.; Bruder, T.
Conference Paper
2008PVrisk: An approach integrating non-destructive testing and probabilistic fracture mechanics
Kurz, J.H.; Cioclov, D.D.; Dobmann, G.
Conference Paper
2007Quantitative non-destructive testing: The integration of non-destructive testing and probabilistic fracture mechanics
Kurz, J.H.; Cioclov, D.; Dobmann, G.
Conference Paper
2003Methodik für eine vorausschauende Logistikplanung
Bornhäuser, M.; Kirchner, S.; Reinerth, H.
Journal Article
2002Investigation of long throw PVD of titanium films from polycrystalline targets with texture
Wolf, H.; Streiter, R.; Tirschler, W.; Giegengack, H.; Urbansky, N.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article
1993Monte-Carlo-Simulationen genauer Analogschaltungen in GaAs-HEMT-Technologie
Feng, S.; Sauerer, J.; Hagelauer, R.; Seitzer, D.
Conference Paper