Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2012Fully solderable large-area screen-printed Al-BSF p-type Mc-Si solar cells from 100% solar grade deedstock yielding eta > 17 %
Fertig, F.; Krauß, K.; Geisemeyer, I.; Broisch, J.; Höffler, H.; Odden, J.O.; Soiland, A.-K.; Rein, S.
Conference Paper
2012Impact of permeation properties and back-sheet-encapsulation interactions on the reliability of PV-modules
Hülsmann, P.; Peike, C.; Blüml, M.; Schmid, P.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
Conference Paper
2011Evaluation of high-temperature exposure of photovoltaic modules
Kurtz, S.; Whitfield, K.; Tamizhmani, G.; Koehl, M.; Miller, D.; Joyce, J.; Wohlgemuth, J.; Bosco, N.; Kempe, M.; Zgonena, T.
Journal Article
2011Measurement and simulation of vibrations of PV-modules induced by dynamic mechanical loads
Assmus, M.; Jack, S.; Weiss, K.-A.; Koehl, M.
Journal Article
2011Metallographic preparation of solar cell samples for quality assurance and material evaluation
Schmitt, P.; Eberlein, D.; Voos, P.; Tranitz, M.; Wirth, H.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2011Modeling of the nominal operating cell temperature based on outdoor weathering
Köhl, M.; Heck, M.; Wiesmeier, S.; Wirth, J.
Journal Article
2011Non-destructive degradation analysis of encapsulants in PV modules by Raman spectroscopy
Peike, C.; Kaltenbach, T.; Weiss, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
Journal Article
2011Solar Cell Microstructural Analysis
Eberlein, D.; Schmitt, P.; Voss, P.; Wagner, R.
Journal Article
2011Worldwide First Fully Up-Scaled Fabrication of 60 cm x 100 cm Dye Solar Module Prototypes
Hinsch, A.; Veurman, W.; Brandt, H.; Loayza Aguirre, R.; Bialecka, K.; Flarup Jensen, K.
Conference Paper
2010Development of performance and module temperature of thin-film modules
Wirth, J.; Kratochwill, S.; Wiesmeier, S.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
Conference Paper
2010Electrochemical methods to analyse the light-induced plating process
Bartsch, J.; Radtke, V.; Schetter, C.; Gunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2010Fluorescence Imaging: A Powerful Tool for the Investigation of Degradation in PV-Modules
Röder, B.; Schlothauer, J.; Jungwirth, S.; Köhl, M.
Journal Article
2010Fluoreszenz als Degradationsindikator für Polymere
Jungwirth, S.; Röder, B.; Schlothauer, J.; Köhl, M.; Weiß, K.-A.
Conference Paper
2010Measuring and simulation of water vapour permeation into PV modules under different climatic conditions
Hülsmann, P.; Jäger, M.; Weiss, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
Conference Paper
2010Operating control strategies and dimensioning of photovoltaic-powered reverse osmosis desalination plants without batteries
Schies, A.; Went, J.; Heidtmann, C.; Eisele, M.; Kroemke, F.; Schmoch, H.; Vetter, M.
Journal Article