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2021Experimental Coupling Process Efficiency and Benefits of Back Surface Reflectors in Photovoltaic Multi-junction Photonic Power Converters
Lopez, E.; Höhn, O.; Schauerte, M.; Lackner, D.; Schachtner, M.; Reichmuth, K.; Helmers, H.
Journal Article
2021Free Space Optical Link for Simultaneous Power and 1 Gb/s Data Transmission
Fakidis, J.; Helmers, H.; Haas, H.
Conference Paper
202051% Efficient Photonic Power Converters for O-Band Wavelengths around 1310 nm
Helmers, H.; Franke, A.; Lackner, D.; Höhn, O.; Predan, F.; Dimroth, F.
Conference Paper
2016Integrated Power and Data Transceiver Devices for Power-by-Light Systems - A Concept Study
Helmers, H.; Lackner, D.; Siefer, G.; Oliva, E.; Dimroth, F.; Bett, A.W.
Conference Paper
2016Optical power supply of smart sensors using photovoltaic laser power converters
Helmers, H.
2016Transient I-V Measurement Set-up for Photovoltaic Laser Power Converters under Monochromatic Irradiance
Reichmuth, S.K.; Helmers, H.; Garza, C.E.; Vahle, D.; Boer, M. de; Stevens, L.; Mundus, M.; Helmers, H.; Bett, A.W.; Siefer, G.
Conference Paper