Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Some Industrial Examples of Accelerated Curing Using Curie Particles
Elmahdy, Ahmed; Weyenberg, Isabel van de; Cosemans, Patrick; Adam, Michael; Voß, Morten; Heinrichs, Sascha; Vallée, Till
Conference Paper
2020A magnetically induced fluidized-bed reactor for intensification of electrochemical reactions
Tschöpe, André; Wyrwoll, Maximilian; Schneider, Michael; Mandel, Karl; Franzreb, Matthias
Journal Article
2016Hot single-point incremental forming assisted by induction heating
Al-Obaidi, Amar; Kräusel, Verena; Landgrebe, Dirk
Journal Article
2015Adhesively bonded structures with hybrid yarn textile-reinforced plastics
Pap, Jozsef-Sebastian; Schiefer, Tom; Jansen, Irene
Journal Article
2015Potential applications of hybrid-heated FAST/SPS technology
Räthel, Jan; Hennicke, Jürgen; Herrmann, Mathias
Journal Article
2013Induction-assisted laser beam welding of a thermomechanically rolled HSLA S500MC steel: A microstructure and residual stress assessment
Coelho, R.S.; Corpas, M.; Moreto, J.A.; Jahn, A.; Standfuß, J.; Kaysser-Pyzalla, A.; Pinto, H.
Journal Article
2012Calculating the stress of multi-track formations in induction-assisted laser cladding
Brückner, F.; Lepski, D.; Nowotny, S.; Leyens, C.; Beyer, E.
Conference Paper
2010Presshärten von Hohlprofilen mittels Innenhochdruck-Umformung
Neugebauer, Reimund; Schieck, F.; Paul, A.
Journal Article