Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018InSAR deformation analysis with distributed scatterers: A review complemented by new advances
Even, Markus; Schulz, Karsten
Journal Article
2016Accelerating phase unwrapping based on integer linear programming by processing of subgraphs
Even, Markus
Conference Paper
2013Generalized interpretation scheme for arbitrary HR InSAR image pairs
Boldt, Markus; Thiele, Antje; Schulz, Karsten
Conference Paper
2013Towards change detection in urban area by SAR interferometry and radargrammetry
Dubois, C.; Thiele, A.; Hinz, S.
Conference Paper
2011Comparison of CovAmCoh and ILU image products for interferometric very high resolution SAR image pairs
Schulz, Karsten; Brunner, Dominik; Boldt, Markus
Conference Paper
2010Analysis of Gable-roofed building signature in multiaspect InSAR data
Thiele, A.; Cadario, E.; Schulz, K.; Soergel, U.
Journal Article