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1994Self-consistent finite difference method for simulation and optimization of quantum well electron transfer structures
Weinert, C.M.; Agrawal, N.
Journal Article
1993Electroabsorption and saturation behavior of InGaAsP/InP/InAlAs multiple superlattice electron transfer optical modulator structures
Agrawal, N.; Reier, F.W.; Bornholdt, C.; Weinert, C.M.; Li, K.C.; Harde, P.; Langenhorst, R.; Grosskopf, G.; Berger, L.; Wegener, M.
Journal Article
1992MOVPE growth and characterization of InGaAs/In(GaAs)P and InGaAsP/InP/InAlAs multi-quantum-well structures for electro-optic switching devices
Agrawal, N.; Franke, D.; Grote, N.; Reier, F.W.; Schroeter-Janssen, H.
Conference Paper, Journal Article