Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Molecular Beam Epitaxy of IV-VI Compounds
Lambrecht, Armin; Weng, B.; Shi, Z.
Book Article
2010Thermoelectric properties of n-type (Pb,Sn)Se thin films and bulk single crystals
König, Jan D.; Jacquot, Alexandre; Böttner, Harald
Conference Paper
1993Band offsets in Eu-containing lead chalcogenides and lead chalcogenide superlattices from spectroscopic data
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
1992Chemical transport reactions during crystal growth of PbTe and PbSe via vapour phase influenced by AgI.
Stöber, D.; Hildmann, B.O.; Böttner, H.; Schelb, S.; Binnewies, M.; Bachem, K.H.
Journal Article
1992Embossed grating lead chalcogenide distributed-feedback lasers.
Schlereth, K.-H.; Böttner, H.
Journal Article
1992Embossed monomode single heterostructure distributed feedback lead chalcogenide diode lasers.
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Journal Article
1990Influence of the BaF2 substrate preparation on the structural perfection of epitaxially grown IV-VI compounds.
Clemens, H.; Voiticek, A.; Holzinger, A.; Bauer, G.
Journal Article
1990A luminescence study in the Pb(1-x)Eu(x)Se system
Böttner, H.; Herrmann, K.H.; Lambrecht, A.; Tacke, M.; Tomm, J.W.
Journal Article