Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018A survey and statistical analysis of smart grid co-simulations
Vogt, Mike; Marten, Frank; Braun, Martin
Journal Article
2015Energy saving potential of information and communication technology
Schlomann, Barbara; Eichhammer, Wolfgang; Stobbe, Lutz
Journal Article
2015Geospatial ICT support for crisis management and response
Usländer, Thomas; Simonis, I.
Conference Paper
2014ICT-architecture for multi-modal electric vehicles
Horst, Oliver; Heinrich, Patrick; Langer, Falk
2014ICT4D HCI Guidelines: A study for Developing Countries
Devezas, Tiago; Mashapa, Job; Ndame, Loic; Greunen, Darelle; Carreira, Carlos; Giesteira, Bruno
Conference Paper
2014The interplay of patents and standards for information and communication technologies
Pohlmann, Tim; Blind, Knut
Journal Article
2014Open consent and informational obligations: Can biobanks still collect information prospectively under the data protection regulation?
Hallinan, Dara; Friedewald, Michael
Conference Paper
2014SafeAdapt - safe adaptive software for fully electric vehicles
Schleiß, Philipp; Zeller, Marc; Weiß, Gereon; Eilers, Dirk
2013Design criteria for robust and secure next generation CPV control systems
Benoit, P.; Fey, S.; Rohbogner, G.; Kohrs, R.; Wittwer, C.; Georg, D.; Wüllner, J.; Gombert, A.
Conference Paper
2013Energiemanagement im Gebäude
Kohrs, R.
Conference Paper
2013Improving maintenance services for machine tools by integrating specific software functions
Uhlmann, Eckart; Otto, Franz; Geisert, Claudio
Conference Paper
2013Security architecture of the OGEMA 2.0 home energy management system
Zillgith, M.; Nestle, D.; Wagner, M.
Conference Paper
2013The usage of ICT for an HVDC overlay grid
Noviedo, Doli; Bohn, Sven; Artemenko, Oleksandr
Conference Paper
2012Design of appropriate ICT infrastructures for smart grids
Kämpf, E.; Ringelstein, J.; Braun, M.
Conference Paper
2012Survey: ICT-supported public participation in disasters
Al-Akkad, Amro; Zimmermann, Andreas
Conference Paper
2006The migration of life cycle paradigm into the manufacturing engineering
Constantinescu, C.; Hummel, V.; Westkämper, E.
Conference Paper
2004Memorandum "Nachhaltige Informationsgesellschaft"
Dompke, M.; Geibler, J. von; Göhring, W.; Herget, M.; Hilty, L.M.; Isenmann, R.; Kuhndt, M.; Naumann, S.; Quack, D.; Seifert, E.K.
1991Recycling von Verpackungen
Braunmiller, U.; Geißler, A.; Ziegahn, K.-F.
Journal Article