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2020Critical assessment of analytical methods for the harmonized and cost-efficient analysis of microplastics
Primpke, Sebastian; Christiansen, Silke; Cowger, Win; DeFrond, Hannah; Deshpande, Ashok D.; Fischer, Marten; Holland, Erika; Meyns, Michaela; O'Donnell, Bridget; Oßmann, Barbara; Pittroff, Marco; Sarau, George; Scholz-Böttcher, Barbara; Wiggin, Kara
Journal Article
2020Environmental impacts of CO2-based chemical production: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis
Thonemann, Nils
Journal Article
2015Continuing harmonization of terminology and innovations for methodologies in developmental toxicology
Solecki, Roland; Rauch, Martina; Gall, Andrea; Buschmann, Jochen; Clark, Ruth; Fuchs, Antje; Kan, Haidong; Heinrich, Verena; Kellner, Rupert; Knudsen, Thomas B.; Li, Weihua; Makris, Susan L.; Ooshima, Yojiro; Paumgartten, Francisco; Piersma, Aldert H.; Schönfelder, Gilbert; Oelgeschläger, Michael; Schaefer, Christof; Shiota, Kohei; Ulbrich, Beate; Ding, Xuncheng; Chahoud, Ibrahim
Journal Article
2015Towards sensible toxicity testing for nanomaterials: Proposal for the specification of test design
Potthoff, Annegret; Weil, Mirco; Meißner, Tobias; Kühnel, Dana
Journal Article
2013Mutual recognition of accreditation: Does it matter to trade? Evidence from the food, beverage, and tobacco industry
Blind, Knut; Mangelsdorf, Axel; Wilson, John S.
Book Article
2009The GIGAS project - an action in support to GEOSS, INSPIRE, and GMES
Klien, Eva; Annoni, Alessandro; Marchetti, Pier Giorgio
Conference Paper
2009Harmonization of terminology in developmental toxicology: The quest for a more precise description and a harmonized classification of fetal observations
Paumgartten, F.; Solecki, R.; Buschmann, J.; Clark, R.; Grote, K.; Rauch, M.; Chahoud, I.
Journal Article
2009The HUMBOLDT project: Towards the harmonisation of spatial information in Europe
Klien, Eva; Giger, Christine; Kristof, Daniel; Reitz, Thorsten; Caceres, Santiago
Conference Paper
2008The HUMBOLDT project for data harmonisation in the framework of GMES and ESDI
Villa, Paolo; Reitz, Thorsten; Gomarasca, Mario A.
Conference Paper
2008The HUMBOLDT Project: Implementing a Framework for Geo-Spatial Data Harmonization and Moving Towards an ESDI
Villa, Paolo; Reitz, Thorsten; Gomarasca, Mario A.
Conference Paper
2003I-KnowS: Research Roadmap for a European e-Learning and Knowledge Management Infrastructure
John, M.; Bendig, T.; Groth, B.
: Encarnacao, J.L.
1989Migration of GKS/GKS-3D and PHIGS. Discussed under the view of the computer graphics reference model
Noll, S.; Poller, J.; Rix, J.
Journal Article