Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Performance Monitoring of Closed Cooling Towers for Fouling Detection
Nienborg, B.; Santhanam, S.; Mathieu, M.; Schwärzler, A.; Conzelmann, K.; Schnabel, L.
Conference Paper
2018Digitale Beschreibung von Regelungsmechanismen zur Betriebsüberwachung von TGA-Anlagen
Benndorf, G.; Rist, T.; Réhault, N.
Journal Article
2018Energy Performance Optimization in Buildings: A Review on Semantic Interoperability, Fault Detection and Predictive Control
Benndorf, Gesa A.; Wystrcil, Dominik; Réhault, Nicolas
Journal Article
2018Evaluation of Business Models for the Large-Scale Implementation of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings in Europe
Köhler, B.; Quast, A.; Andaloro, A.; Dinkel, A.
Conference Paper
2018A Fault Detection System Based on two Complementary Methods and Continuous Updates
Benndorf, G.; Wystrcil, D.; Réhault, N.
Journal Article
2018Guideline II: NZEB Technologies
Köhler, B.; Stobbe, M.; Moser, C.; Garzia, F.
2018Using Digitalization for More Reliable and Less Expensive Building Performance Analysis
Maurer, C.; Wilson, H.R.; Curcija, D.C.; Kuhn, T.E.
Conference Paper
2017Approaches for the optimized control of solar thermally driven cooling systems
Nienborg, B.; Dalibard, A.; Schnabel, L.; Eicker, U.
Journal Article
2017Economics of building-integrated solar thermal systems
Maurer, C.; Smyth, M.
Conference Paper
2016Numerical study on load shifting strategies for the heating and cooling of an office building considering variable grid conditions
Klein, K.; Kalz, D.; Herkel, S.
Conference Paper