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2018Potential analysis of a rear-side passivation for multi-junction space solar cells based on germanium substrates
Weiss, Charlotte; Schön, Jonas; Höhn, Oliver; Mohr, Christian; Kurstjens, Rufi; Boizot, Bruno; Janz, Stefan
Conference Paper
2017Recyclingpotenzial strategischer Metalle (ReStra)
Sander, Knut; Gößling-Reisemann, Stefan; Zimmermann, Till; Marscheider-Weidemann, Frank; Wilts, Henning; Schebek, Lieselotte; Wagner, Jörg; Heegn, Hanspeter; Pehlken, Alexandra
2011Experiments and simulation of the diffusion and activation of the n-Type dopants P, As, and Sb implanted into germanium
Koffel, S.; Kaiser, R.J.; Bauer, A.J.; Amon, B.; Pichler, P.; Lorenz, J.; Frey, L.; Scheiblin, P.; Mazzocchi, V.; Barnes, J.-P.; Claverie, A.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2011Germanium substrate loss during thermal processing
Kaiser, R.J.; Koffel, S.; Pichler, P.; Bauer, A.J.; Amon, B.; Frey, L.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2010Honeycomb voids due to ion implantation in germanium
Kaiser, R.J.; Koffel, S.; Pichler, P.; Bauer, A.J.; Amon, B.; Claverie, A.; Benassayag, G.; Scheiblin, P.; Frey, L.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2010Pulsed cyclotron resonance measurements with a rapid-scanning, fiber-coupled THz TDS system
Molter, D.; George, S.; Goiran, M.; Keilmann, F.; Beigang, R.; Leotin, J.
Conference Paper
2010Review of stress effects on dopant solubility in silicon and silicon-germanium layers
Bennett, N.S.; Ahn, C.; Cowern, N.E.B.; Pichler, P.
Conference Paper
2008Angular distributions of sputtered atoms from semiconductor targets at grazing ion beam incidence angles
Sekowski, M.; Burenkov, A.; Hernández-Mangas, J.; Martinez-Limia, A.; Ryssel, H.
Conference Paper
2008Total reflection x-ray fluorescence as a sensitive analysis method for the investigation of sputtering processes
Sekowski, M.; Steen, C.; Nutsch, A.; Birnbaum, E.; Burenkov, A.; Pichler, P.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2006Diffusion and activation of dopants in silicon and advanced silicon-based materials
Pichler, P.; Ortiz, C.J.; Colombeau, B.; Cowern, N.E.B.; Lampin, E.; Uppal, S.; Karunaratne, M.S.A.; Bonar, J.M.; Willoughby, A.F.W.; Claverie, A.; Cristiano, F.; Lerch, W.; Paul, S.
Journal Article
2000Modeling the Amorphization of Si due to the Implantation of As, Ge, and Si
Stiebel, D.; Burenkov, A.; Pichler, P.; Cristiano, F.; Claverie, A.; Ryssel, H.
Conference Paper
1994Single crystal growth of Si-Ge alloy by ion implantation and sequential rapid thermal
Kal, S.; Kasko, I.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
1992Renormalization of the one-dimensional pi-pi band gap on the Ge -111- 2x1 surface.
Haight, R.; Baeumler, M.
Journal Article
1992Ultrafast electron dynamics at semiconductor surfaces and interfaces studied with subpicosecond laser photoemission.
Haight, R.; Baeumler, M.; Silberman, J.A.; Kirchner, P.D.
Journal Article
1992Ultrafast-electron dynamics and recombination on the Ge(111)(2x1) pi-bonded surface
Haight, R.; Baeumler, M.
Journal Article
1991Rekombination an Versetzungen in Silizium und Germanium
Weronek, K.; Weber, J.; Alexander, H.; Buchner, R.
Conference Proceedings
1988Scanning CO2 laser interferometer for the inspection of infrared transmitting plane parallel plates.
Dischler, B.; Koidl, P.
Conference Paper
1987Rain erosion resistance of hard carbon coated germanium.
Sah, R.E.; Koidl, P.; Schaefer, W.
Conference Paper
1983Optical and protective properties of hard carbon coatings.
Brandt, G.; Bubenzer, A.; Dischler, B.; Koidl, P.
Conference Paper