Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Genetic classes and genetic categories: Protecting genetic groups through data protection law
Hallinan, Dara; Hert, Paul de
Book Article
2015Open consent, biobanking and data protection law: Can open consent be "informed" under the forthcoming data protection regulation?
Hallinan, Dara; Friedewald, Michael
Journal Article
2014Open consent and informational obligations: Can biobanks still collect information prospectively under the data protection regulation?
Hallinan, Dara; Friedewald, Michael
Conference Paper
2013Translational research policies: Disruptions and continuities in biomedical innovation systems in Austria, Finland and Germany
Vignola-Gagné, E.; Rantanen, E.; Lehner, D.; Hüsing, B.
Journal Article
2006Animal models of asthma: Innovative methods of lung research and new pharmacological targets
Braun, A.; Tschernig, T.
Journal Article
2005Chromatin immunoprecipitation-based identification of gene regulatory networks
Niehof, M.; Borlak, J.
Book Article
2005Handbook of toxicogenomics
: Borlak, J.
2005Toxicogenomics applied to teratogenicity studies
Hewitt, P.G.; Kramer, P.-J.; Borlak, J.
Book Article