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2021Sintering of conductive inks on plastic substrates by use of microwave furnaces being suitable for largescale production processes
Hartmann, Lutz; Sabban, Jakob; Behrendt, Felix; Tatai, Tiberiu-Mihai; Neermann, Simone; Franke, Jörg; Dreyer, Christian
Conference Paper
2018Numerical Investigation and Optimization of axially impacted metallic and FRP tabular crash elements
Sardiwal, Sanjay Kumar
: Nossol, Patryk (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2016Behavior of hybrid GFRP-perforated-steel tube-encased concrete column under uniaxial compression
Huang, Liang; Yin, Peng; Yan, Libo; Kasal, Bohumil
Journal Article
2015Compressive behavior of concrete confined with GFRP tubes and steel spirals
Huang, Liang; Sun, Xiaoxun; Yan, Libo; Zhu, Deju
Journal Article
2015Optical deformation analysis of the failure behavior of fiber reinforced polymers caused by laser processing
Rose, Michael; Fürst, Andreas; Pap, Jozsef-Sebastian; Klotzbach, Annett; Hauptmann, Jan; Jansen, Irene; Beyer, Eckhard
Conference Paper
2005Monitoring system for delamination detection
Lehmann, M.; Büter, A.; Frankenstein, B.; Schubert, F.; Brunner, B.
Conference Paper