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20215G and beyond for new space: Vision and research challenges
Höyhtyä, Marko; Corici, Marius; Covaci, Stefan; Guta, Maria
Conference Paper
2016Influence of surface near doping concentration on contact formation of silver thick film contacts
Rothhardt, P.; Meier, S.; Hoenig, R.; Wolf, A.; Biro, D.
Journal Article
2015Influence of random pyramid surface texture on silver screen-printed contact formation for monocrystalline silicon wafer solar cells
Khanna, A.; Basu, P.; Filipovic, A.; Shanmugam, V.; Schmiga, C.; Aberle, A.; Müller, T.
Journal Article
2015Solar cells with epitaxial or gas phase diffused emitters above 21% efficiency
Rachow, T.; Milenkovic, N.; Steinhauser, B.; Benick, J.; Janz, S.; Hermle, M.; Reber, S.
Journal Article
2014Characterisation of Ultra-Thin µc-Si Films for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
Wernerus, H.; Bivour, M.; Kroely, L.; Hermle, M.; Wolke, W.
Journal Article
2014Epitaxial n- and p-Type Emitters for High Efficiency Solar Cell Concepts
Rachow, T.; Milenkovic, N.; Heinz, F.; Steinhauser, B.; Janz, S.; Reber, S.
Journal Article
2014Study of dielectric layers for bifacial n-type silicon solar cells with regard to optical properties, surface passivation quality, and contact formation
Kalio, A.; Richter, A.; Schmiga, C.; Glatthaar, M.; Wilde, J.
Journal Article
2014Synthesis of a lead- and particle-free metal-organic Ink for front side metallization of crystalline silicon solar cells
Tamari, Y.; Gautrein, A.; Schmiga, C.; Binder, S.; Glatthaar, M.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2013Evaluation of industrially relevant parameters for contact firing of screen printed front side silver contacts
Hönig, R.; Vössing, D.; Clement, F.; Biro, D.; Preu, R.; Wilde, J.
Journal Article
2013The nature of screen printed front side silver contacts - results of the Project MikroSol
Hönig, R.; Dürrschnabel, M.; Mierlo, W. van; Aabdin, Z.; Bernhard, J.; Biskupek, J.; Eibl, O.; Kaiser, U.; Wilde, J.; Clement, F.; Biro, D.
Journal Article
2013Potential and limitations of epitaxial emitters
Rachow, T.; Milenkovic, N.; Heinz, F.; Breitwieser, M.; Steinhauser, B.; Janz, S.; Reber, S.
Conference Paper
2012End-of-line testing and formation process in Li-ion battery assembly lines
Wolter, M.; Fauser, G.; Bretthauer, C.; Roscher, M.A.
Conference Paper
2012Implantation-induced structural defects in highly activated USJs: Boron precipitation and trapping in pre-amorphised silicon
Cristiano, F.; Essa, Z.; Qiu, Y.; Spiegel, Y.; Torregrosa, F.; Duchaine, J.; Boulenc, P.; Tavernier, C.; Cojocaru, O.; Blavette, D.; Mangelinck, D.; Fazzini, P.F.; Quillec, M.; Bazizi, M.; Hackenberg, M.; Boninelli, S.
Conference Paper
2009Unified approach for topology control in IEEE 802.15.4-based WSN
Todorova, P.; Sokullu, R.
Conference Paper
1997The importance of natural organic material for environmental processes in waters and soils
Kördel, W.; Dassenakis, M.; Lintelmann, J.; Padberg, S.
Journal Article
1994Graphitauflösung im Laserschmelzbad
Lepski, D.; Reitzenstein, W.
Book Article
1994Graphitauflösung und Kohlenstoffdiffusion beim Laser-Umschmelzen von Gußeisen
Lepski, D.; Kusch, H.-G.; Reitzenstein, W.
Conference Paper
1994Investigation on the Input, Formation and Fate of Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxins (PCDDs) and Dibenzofurans (PCDFs) in the Pulp and Paper Industry
Gruber, L.; Santl, H.; Stöhrer, E.
Journal Article
1993PCDD/F in the paper industry. New results and mass balances
Gruber, L.; Stöhrer, E.; Santl, H.
Conference Paper
1992Reactive TiN deposition on alloys using laser radiation
Kreutz, E.W.; Krösche, M.; Sung, H.; Voss, A.; Jürgens, A.; Leyendecker, T.
Journal Article
1992Removal and transfer of material in laser-assisted physical vapour deposition of ceramics
Voss, A.; Funken, J.; Alunovic, M.; Sung, H.; Kreutz, E.W.
Journal Article
1985Muzzle flash kinetics and modelling.
Heimerl, J.M.; Keller, G.E.; Klingenberg, G.