Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Impacts of a forecast-based operation strategy for grid-connected PV storage systems on profitability and the energy system
Teichtmann, Lukas; Klingler, Anna-Lena
Conference Paper
2016Camera-based forecasting of cloud coverage for optimization of energy grids
Manger, Daniel; Pagel, Frank; Arnoldt, Alexander; Warweg, Oliver
Conference Paper
2016High impact - low probability incidents at a coastal metropolis: Flood events and risk mitigation by crowd-tasking systems
Wurster, Simone; Klafft, Michael; Fuchs-Kittowski, Frank
Conference Paper
2015Camera-based forecasting of insolation for solar systems
Manger, Daniel; Pagel, Frank
Conference Paper
2015An empirical approach to parameterizing photovoltaic plants for power forecasting and simulation
Saint-Drenan, Y.-M.; Bofinger, S.; Fritz, R.; Vogt, S.; Good, G.H.; Dobschinski, J.
Journal Article
2013A new approach for an efficient and flexible control of biogas production in a full scale plant
Reinhart, Gunther; Martens, Thilo; Krotil, Stefan; Hübel, Nico
2009Lieferanten als kritischer Faktor im Auftragsmanagement
Behringer, Stephan
Conference Paper
2008Entwicklungstrends des industriellen Wassereinsatzes in Deutschland
Hillenbrand, T.; Böhm, E.
Journal Article
2002Options and potentials for european electricity imports and exports: A german perspective
Cremer, C.; Bradke, H.
Journal Article
1998Plastics Streams in Germany - an Analysis of Production, Consumption and Waste Generation
Patel, M.; Jochem, E.; Radgen, P.; Worrell, E.
Journal Article
1992Economic Aspects and Potentials of Renewable Energies in the Federal Republic of Germany
Reichert, J.
Book Article
1992Economic aspects and potentials of renewable energy sources in the Federal Republic of Germany
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Journal Article
1989Determinanten des Energiebedarfs der Industrie und die Prognose ihrer Wirkungen
Schön, M.; Angerer, S.
Journal Article