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2013Architecture for the heterogeneous federation of future internet experimentation facilities
Vandenberghe, Wim; Vermeulen, Brecht; Demeester, Piet; Willner, Alexander; Papavassiliou, Symeon; Gavras, Anastasius; Sioutis, Michael; Quereilhac, Alina; Al-Hazmi, Yahya; Lobillo, Felicia; Schreiner, Florian; Velayos, Celia; Vico-Oton, Albert; Androulidakis, Georgios; Papagianni, Chrysa; Ntofon, Okung; Boniface, Michael
Conference Paper
2010Conceptual design and use cases for a FIRE resource federation framework
Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.; Gavras, A.
Book Article
2010Generic resource federation - mechanisms and prototypes serving the FIRE and FI PPP visions
Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.
2009FIRE facility infrastructure provisioning - a cross-layer and cross-domain approach
Magedanz, T.; Wahle, S.
Conference Paper
2000Flame retardants in the indoor environment, Part 1: Specification of the problem and results of screening tests
Pardemann, J.; Salthammer, T.; Uhde, E.; Wensing, M.
Conference Paper