Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019A simulation-based approach to predict of the springback behavior of ultra-high strength spring strips
Richter, Karsten; Reuther, Franz; Müller, Roland
Conference Paper
2018Characterization and modeling of airbag fabrics subjected to asymmetric biaxial loading and elevated temperatures
Boljen, Matthias; Rack, Nils Alexander; Kölble, Florian; Rodinger, Silvia; Harwick, Wilfried
Conference Paper
2018Development of multidimensional characteristic maps for the real-time adjustment of thermally induced TCP-displacements in precise machining
Putz, Matthias; Oppermann, Christian; Bräunig, Michael
Conference Paper
2018Medical Device Manufacturing. Conference 2018 - Tagungsband
: Schneider, Urs (Hrsg.)
Conference Proceedings
2017Prediction and compensation of reference voltage shift in IC sensors due to mechanical stress
Warmuth, Jens; Schreier-Alt, Thomas
Conference Paper
2015Methodology for analysing hybrid cutting processes with thermal assistance
Putz, Matthias; Tagliaferri, Flaviana; Dix, Martin; Wertheim, Rafael
Journal Article
2014Adaptive multi-scale modeling of high velocity impact on composite panels
May, M.; Nossek, M.; Petrinic, N.; Hiermaier, S.; Thoma, K.
Journal Article
2014Functionally graded materials with a soft surface for improved indentation resistance
Ziegler, T.; Kraft T.
Journal Article
2014Less residual stresses in laser beam melting through a holistic approach including laser, scanning, material and machine parameters
Müller, Bernhard; Töppel, Thomas; Kranz, Burkhard; Hoeren, Karlheinz P.J.; Grimm, Tobias; Witt, Gerd
Conference Paper
2014Multi-scale simulation flow and multi-scale materials characterization for stress management in 3D through-silicon-via integration technologies - effect of stress on 3D IC interconnect reliability
Sukharev, Valeriy; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Conference Paper
2010Multiscale homogenization models for the elastic behaviour of metal/ceramic composites with lamellar domains
Ziegler, T.; Neubrand, A.; Piat, R.
Journal Article
2009Auslegung beschichteter Werkzeuge zur Umformung hochfester Aluminiumwerkstoffe
Neugebauer, Reimund; Schmidt, G.; Stark, S.; Wielage, B.; Wank, A.; Rupprecht, C.
Journal Article
2008Schichtentwicklung für die schmiermittelfreie Umformung von hochfesten Aluminiumwerkstoffen
Wielage, B.; Wank, A.; Rupprecht, C.; Schmidt, G.; Stark, S.
Journal Article
2008Simulation of a self-deburring drilling process based on local material modification
Neugebauer, Reimund; Harzbecker, C.; Schmidt, G.; Dix, M.; Schönherr, J.
Conference Paper
2007Schichtentwicklung sowie experimentelle und numerische Untersuchungen an Schicht-Substrat-Systemen
Leopold, J.; Wank, A.; Rupprecht, C.; Schmidt, G.; Stark, S.; Hoyer, K.
Conference Paper
2007Werkzeuge für die Hochgeschwindigkeitsbearbeitung
Leopold, J.; Schmidt, G.
Conference Paper
2006New methods of surface engineering in forming tools development
Leopold, J.; Schmidt, G.; Beier, D.; Stark, S.; Wank, A.; Rupprecht, C.
Conference Paper