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2021Structural and Electric Properties of Epitaxial Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-Based Thin Films
Magalhaes, Bruno; Engelhardt, Stefan; Molin, Christian; Gebhardt, Sylvia; Nielsch, Kornelius; Hühne, Ruben
Journal Article
2020Epitaktische BaTiO3-basierte Schichten für elektrokalorische Untersuchungen
Engelhardt, Stefan
: Nielsch, Kornelius (Gutachter); Dörr, Kathrin (Gutachter); Michaelis, Alexander (Gutachter)
2020Imprinting the polytype structure of silicon carbide by rapid thermal processing
Pezoldt, Jörgen; Cimalla, Volker
Journal Article
2020In-Plane Oriented Stacks of c-AlScN/Mo (110) for BAW Resonators Grown by Magnetron Sputter Epitaxy
Sundarapandian, Balasubramanian; Kessel, Matthias; Zukauskaite, Agne; Kirste, Lutz; Sun, Cheng; Ambacher, Oliver
Conference Paper
2020Kerfless Wafering Approach with Si and Ge Templates for Si, Ge and III-V Epitaxy
Weiss, C.; Schreiber, W.; Drießen, M.; Sorgenfrei, R.; Liu, T.; Ohnemus, M.; Janz, S.
Conference Paper
2019Correlating Template Properties with the Quality of Epitaxially Grown Silicon Wafers
Drießen, M.; Fehrenbach, T.; Kirste, L.; Weiss, C.; Janz, S.
Conference Paper
2018Electrical Limitations in Epitaxially Grown Kerfless Silicon Wafers for Solar Cells
Schubert, M.C.; Beu, P.; Heinz, F.D.; Amiri, D.; Gust, E.; Steinhauser, B.; Janz, S.; Schindler, F.
Conference Paper
2018Influence and mutual interaction of process parameters on the Z1/2 defect concentration during epitaxy of 4H-SiC
Erlekampf, Jürgen; Kaminzky, Daniel; Rosshirt, Katharina; Kallinger, Birgit; Rommel, Mathias; Berwian, Patrick; Friedrich, Jochen; Frey, Lothar
Conference Paper
2018Optimization of inline processes for the production of freestanding epitaxially grown thin films for solar cells
Ivanov, Alexey; Sorgenfrei, R.; Gust, Elke; Barth, Philipp; Nieuwenhuysen, Kris van; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Riepe, Stephan; Janz, Stefan
Conference Paper
2016Degradation of silicon wafers at high temperatures for epitaxial deposition
Rachow, T.; Reber, S.; Janz, S.; Knapp, M.; Milenkovic, N.
Journal Article
2016Solar cells with 20% efficiency and lifetime evaluation of epitaxial wafers
Drießen, M.; Amiri, D.; Milenkovic, N.; Steinhauser, B.; Lindekugel, S.; Benick, J.; Reber, S.; Janz, S.
Journal Article
2015Emitters grown by rapid vapour-phase direct doping for high efficiency solar cells
Lindekugel, S.; Rachow, T.; Milenkovic, N.; Richter, A.; Benick, J.; Janz, S.; Reber, S.
Conference Paper
2015Improvement of 4H-SiC material quality
Kallinger, Birgit; Kaminzky, Daniel; Rommel, Mathias; Berwian, Patrick; Friedrich, Jochen
2015N-type and P-type silicon foils fabricated in a quasi-inline EPI reactor with bulk lifetimes exceeding 500 µs
Janz, S.; Milenkovic, N.; Drießen, M.; Reber, S.
Conference Paper
2015Porous silicon reorganization: Influence on the structure, surface roughness and strain
Milenkovic, N.; Drießen, M.; Weiss, C.; Janz, S.
Journal Article
2015Solar cells with epitaxial or gas phase diffused emitters above 21% efficiency
Rachow, T.; Milenkovic, N.; Steinhauser, B.; Benick, J.; Janz, S.; Hermle, M.; Reber, S.
Journal Article
2014Epitaxial n- and p-Type Emitters for High Efficiency Solar Cell Concepts
Rachow, T.; Milenkovic, N.; Heinz, F.; Steinhauser, B.; Janz, S.; Reber, S.
Journal Article
2014The EU Project R2M-Si on roll to module processed crystalline silicon thin-films
Lindekugel, S.; Therheiden, B.; Pavlovic, R.; Nieuwenhuysen, K. van; Petterson, T.; Astrova, E.; Straboni, A.; Kühnlein, H.H.; Reber, S.
Conference Paper
2014Reorganization of Porous Silicon. Effect on Epitaxial Layer Quality and Detachment
Milenkovic, N.; Drießen, M.; Gust, E.; Janz, S.; Reber, S.
Journal Article
2013HCl assisted growth of thick 4H-SiC epilayers for bipolar devices
Kallinger, Birgit; Ehlers, Christian; Berwian, Patrick; Rommel, Mathias; Friedrich, Jochen
2013Potential and limitations of epitaxial emitters
Rachow, T.; Milenkovic, N.; Heinz, F.; Breitwieser, M.; Steinhauser, B.; Janz, S.; Reber, S.
Conference Paper
2013Process optimization and solar cell results of ConCVD epitaxial layers
Keller, M.; Reber, S.; Schillinger, N.; Arnold, M.; Krogull, D.; Heermann, S.
Conference Paper
2012Ion beam sputter deposition of epitaxial Ag films on native oxide covered Si (100) substrates
Khare, C.; Gerlach, J.W.; Patzig, C.; Rauschenbach, B.
Journal Article
2011Electron and hole accumulation in InN/InGaN heterostructures
Lebedev, V.; Polyakov, V.M.; Knübel, A.; Aidam, R.; Kirste, L.; Cimalla, V.; Granzner, R.; Schwierz, F.; Ambacher, O.
Journal Article
2010Determination of the valence band offsets at HfO(2)/InN(0001) and InN/In(0.3)Ga(0.7)N(0001) heterojunctions using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Eisenhardt, A.; Knübel, A.; Schmidt, R.; Himmerlich, M.; Wagner, J.; Schaefer, J.A.; Krischok, S.
Journal Article
2005Optically pumped mid infrared emitters built using surface structured PbSe epitaxial layers
Nurnus, J.; Vetter, U.; König, J.; Glatthaar, R.; Lambrecht, A.; Weik, F.; Tomm, J.W.
Conference Paper
2003Thick GaN layers grown by hydride vapor-phase epitaxy: Hetero- versus homo-epitaxy
Hageman, P.R.; Kirilyuk, V.; Corbeek, W.H.M.; Weyher, J.L.; Lucznik, B.; Bockowski, M.; Porowski, S.; Müller, S.
Journal Article
2002High-reliability MOCVD-grown quantum dot laser
Sellin, R.L.; Ribbat, C.; Bimberg, D.; Rinner, F.; Konstanzer, H.; Kelemen, M.T.; Mikulla, M.
Journal Article
2000High-power diode lasers. Fundamentals, technology, applications
: Diehl, R.
Scientific Anthology
1999Compositional dependence of the elastic constants and the lattice parameter of Al(x)Ga(1-x)As
Gehrsitz, S.; Sigg, H.; Herres, N.; Bachem, K.; Köhler, K.; Reinhart, F.K.
Journal Article
1999Herstellung und Charakterisierung von InGaN/GaN Heterostrukturen für kurzwellige Emitter
Ramakrishnan, A.
1997Compositionally graded buffers on GaAs as substrates for Al(0.48)In(0.52)As/Ga(0.47)In(0.53)As MODFETs
Fink, T.; Haupt, M.; Kaufel, G.; Köhler, K.; Braunstein, J.; Massler, H.
Conference Paper
1997Epitaxial overgrowth of 13C diamond films on diamond substrates predamaged by ion implantation
Behr, D.; Locher, R.; Wagner, J.; Koidl, P.; Richter, V.; Kalish, R.
Journal Article
1994Oriented CVD diamond films - twin formation, structure and morphology.
Wild, C.; Kohl, R.; Herres, N.; Müller-Sebert, W.; Koidl, P.
Journal Article
1994Structure and morphology of oriented diamond films.
Koidl, P.; Wild, C.; Herres, N.
Conference Paper
1993Atomic-force-microscopic study of heteroepitaxial diamond nucleation on (100) silicon
Jiang, X.; Schiffmann, K.I.; Westphal, A.; Klages, C.-P.
Journal Article
1993Comparison of Si delta-doping with homogenous doping in GaAs.
Köhler, K.; Ganser, P.; Maier, M.
Journal Article
1993Epitaxial diamond thin films on (001) silicon substrates
Jiang, X.; Klages, C.-P.; Zachai, R.; Hartweg, M.; Füßer, H.-J.
Journal Article
1991Ambient and low temperature photoluminescence topography of GaAs substrates, epitaxial and implanted layers.
Wang, Z.M.; As, D.J.; Jantz, W.; Windscheif, J.
Journal Article
1990Characterization of conducting GaAs multilayers by infrared spectroscopy at oblique incidence
Grosse, P.; Harbecke, B.; Heinz, B.; Maier, M.; Jantz, W.
Journal Article
1990Influence of the BaF2 substrate preparation on the structural perfection of epitaxially grown IV-VI compounds.
Clemens, H.; Voiticek, A.; Holzinger, A.; Bauer, G.
Journal Article