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2019Impedance-based assays along the life span of adherent mammalian cells in vitro: From initial adhesion to cell death
Stolwijk, Judith A.; Wegener, Joachim
Book Article
2019Increasing the throughput of label-free cell assays to study the activation of G-protein-coupled receptors by using a serial agonist exposure protocol
Stolwijk, Judith A.; Skiba, Michael; Kade, Christian; Bernhardt, Günther; Buschauer, Armin; Hübner, Harald; Gmeiner, Peter; Wegener, Joachim
Journal Article
2019Using animal cells as sensors for xenobiotics: Monitoring phenotypic changes by multimodal impedance assays
Zinkl, Maria; Wegener, Joachim
Journal Article
2017Label-free profiling of cell dynamics: A sequence of impedance-based assays to estimate tumor cell invasiveness in vitro
Láng, Orsolya; Kőhidai, László; Wegener, Joachim
Journal Article