Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Inkjet Printing and Characterization of Applied Electrodes for Dielectric Elastomer Transducer
Cabuk, Ozan; Wegener, Michael; Gruber, Björn; Seidel, Sven-Oliver; Maas, Jürgen
Conference Paper
2019Low voltage driven dielectric membrane actuators integrated into fast switching electronic circuit boards
Pointner, Tobias; Wegener, Michael
Journal Article
2019Methodenentwicklung zur Charakterisierung der Aushärtung duromerer Komposite mittels dielektrischer Analyse
Ricker, Daniel
: Ilinzeer, Sergej (Projektleiter); Henning, Frank (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2017Dielectric elastomer loudspeaker driver
Bakardjiev, Petko; Richter, Andreas; Altinsoy, Ercan; Marschner, Uwe; Troge, Jan
2014Are there scale economies in scientific production? On the topic of locally increasing returns to scale
Schubert, Torben
Journal Article
2013Efficiency measurement of port hinterland transport with a combined AHP-DEA-model
Flitsch, Verena
2012DEA applications to port efficiency measurement and future research possibilities
Jahn, Carlos; Flitsch, Verena
Conference Paper
2012Efficiency measurement of container ports - a new opportunity for hinterland integration
Flitsch, Verena
Journal Article
1994International orientation, efficiency of and regard for research in East and West Germany - a bibliometric investigation of aspects of technology genesis in the United Germany
Grupp, H.; Hinze, S.
Journal Article