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2019Analysis of the geometry of the growth ridges and correlation to the thermal gradient during growth of silicon crystals by the Czochralski-method
Stockmeier, Ludwig; Kranert, Christian; Fischer, Peter; Epelbaum, Boris; Reimann, Christian; Friedrich, Jochen; Raming, Georg; Miller, Alfred
Journal Article
2018Edge facet dynamics during the growth of heavily doped n-type silicon by the Czochralski-method
Stockmeier, Ludwig; Kranert, Christian; Raming, Georg; Miller, Alfred; Reimann, Christian; Rudolph, Peter; Friedrich, Jochen
Journal Article
2004Use of genetic algorithms for the development and optimization of crystal growth processes
Fühner, T.; Jung, T.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2001Comparison of the predictions from 3D numerical simulation with temperature distributions measured in Si Czochralski melts under the influence of different magnetic fields
Vizman, D.; Friedrich, J.; Müller, G.
Journal Article