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2018Heavily n-type doped silicon and the dislocation formation during its growth by the Czochralski method
Stockmeier, Ludwig
: Lerch, R.; Frey, L.; Danilewsky, A.N.
2016Identification of defects causing performance degradation of high temperature n-type Czochralski silicon bifacial solar cells
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Journal Article
2015Silicon crystallization technologies
Dold, P.
Book Article
2000High performance computing for the analysis of the influence of steady magnetic fields on convective heat transfer in Czochralski melts. Comparison to experimental results
Friedrich, J.; Fischer, B.; Gräbner, O.; Vizman, D.; Müller, G.
Conference Paper
1999Oxygen distribution in silicon melt during standard Czochralski Process studied by sensor measurements and comparison to numerical simulation
Mühe, A.; Backofen, R.; Fainberg, J.; Müller, G.; Tomzig, E.; Ammon, W., von
Journal Article