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2021Control approaches for tempering machine tool frames with multiple fluid channels and limited, jointly used actuating variable
Mater, Sarah; Hellmich, Arvid; Popken, Jens; Ihlenfeldt, Steffen
Journal Article
2021Control strategy for the open loop control of piezo actuators in high frequency machine hammer peening processes
Hiekel, Alexander; Fiedler, Maik; Kolouch, Martin
Conference Paper
2016Converter lifetime assessment for doubly-fed induction generators considering derating control strategies at low rotor frequencies
Morisse, M.; Bartschat, A.; Wenske, J.; Mertens, A.
Conference Paper
2009Analysis of the relationship between available information and performance in facility logistics
Ten Hompel, M.; Nopper, J.R.
Journal Article
2009Analysis of the relationship between control strategy, layout complexity and performance in facility logistics
Nopper, J.R.; Ten Hompel, M.
2006Vibration control with adaptive structures
Hanselka, H.; Melz, T.; Drossel, W.-G.; Sporn, D.; Schönecker, A.; Poigné, A.
Conference Paper
2000Integrated circuit design and application for electronic ballasts
Radecker, M.
Conference Paper
1999Implementing manufacturing strategies for advanced capacity analysis and material handling design in the planning process of a wafer fab
Sturm, R.; Frauenhoffer, F.; Dorner, J.; Kaufmann, T.
Conference Paper