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2016The impact of oxygen inlet during close-spaced sublimation process on the as-deposited and chlorine treated microstructure of CdTe layers
Hirsch, D.; Zywitzki, O.; Modes, T.; Morgner, H.; Späth, B.; Siepchen, B.; Drost, C.; Kraft, C.; Krishnakumar, V.; Metzner, C.
Conference Paper
2015Effect of microstructure on chlorine activation of CdTe thin film solar cells
Zywitzki, Olaf; Modes, Thomas; Dienel, M.; Morgner, Henry; Metzner, Christoph; Schwuchow, Eric
Conference Paper
2014Influence of HCl-activation on the performance of low and high temperature grown CdTe solar cells
Schwuchow, Eric; Morgner, Henry; Zywitzki, Olaf; Metzner, Christoph; Modes, Thomas
Conference Paper
2012High resolution EBIC and TEM investigations on CdTe solar cells
Zywitzki, O.; Modes, T.
Conference Paper
2012Influence of different TCO-systems on microstructure and performance of CdTe-solar cells in superstrate configuration
Morgner, H.; Preussner, T.; Häfner, K.; Zywitzki, O.; Modes, T.; Kopte, T.; Siepchen, S.; Späth, B.; Drost, C.
Conference Paper
2012A proper alternative: Ultra sonic bonding for thin film solar cell interconnections
Klengel, R.; Stephan, T.; Petzold, M.; Schindler, S.; Schneider, J.; Spira, K.
Conference Paper
2011Characterization of microstructure and interfaces in cadmium telluride thin film cells
Zywitzki, O.; Modes, T.; Morgner, H.; Siepchen, B.; Späth, B.; Drost, C.; Grimm, M.
Conference Paper
2011CSS deposition of CdTe solar cells: Latest results from Roth&Rau's pilot line
Siepchen, B.; Späth, B.; Drost, C.; Frigge, S.; Häfner, K.; Preußner, T.; Zywitzki, O.; Grimm, M.
Conference Paper
2011Influence of evaporation rate, substrate temperature and process chamber pressure on the microstructure of CdTe layers
Häfner, K.; Morgner, H.; Modes, T.; Zywitzki, O.; Metzner, C.; Siepchen, B.; Drost, C.; Späth, B.; Grimm, M.
Conference Paper
2003Photovoltaic materials. History, status and outlook
Goetzberger, A.; Hebling, C.; Schock, H.W.
Journal Article
1997Growth of Sn thin films on CdTe(111)
Zimmermann, H.; Keller, R.C.; Meisen, P.; Seelmann Eggebert, M.
Journal Article
1990Implantation effects on resonant raman scattering in CdTe and Cd0.23Hg0.77Te.
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Journal Article
1989An A centre in CdTe
Brunthaler, G.; Jantsch, W.; Schneider, J.; Kaufmann, U.
Journal Article
1989Acoustoelectric characterization of wide Gap II-VI semiconductors in the case of bipolar photoconduction.
Rosenzweig, J.
Book Article
1989Radiative recombination across the Epsilon(0) and Delta(0) band gap in CdTe
Lusson, A.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article
1985Electron-spin-resonance analysis of the deep donors lead, tin, and germanium in CdTe
Schneider, J.; Brunthaler, G.; Jantsch, W.; Kaufmann, U.
Journal Article
1984Electron spin resonance identification of isolated Fe hoch 3+ in CdTe.
Brunthaler, G.; Schneider, J.; Kaufmann, U.
Journal Article
1984Identification of the isolated deep Ni acceptor in CdTe and ZnTe - comparison with isomorphous systems
Brunthaler, G.; Kaufmann, U.; Windscheif, J.
Journal Article