Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Interlaboratory Comparison of Methodologies for Measuring the Angle of Incidence Dependence of Solar Cells
Riedel, N.; Santamaria Lancia, A.A.; Amdemeskel, M.; Thorsteinsson, S.; Poulsen, P.B.; Plag, F.; Kröger, I.; Slooff, L.H.; Jansen, M.J.; Carr, A.J.; Manshanden, P.; Bliss, M.; Betts, T.R.; Jauregui, I.P.; Ezquer Mayo, M.; Balenzategui, J.L.; Roldan, R.; Kräling, U.; Baarah, G.; Iandolo, B.; Davidsen, R.S.; Thorseth, A.; Dam-Hansen, C.; Reis Benatto, G.A. dos
Conference Paper
2017Angle dependence of solar cells and modules: The role of cell texturization
Geisemeyer, I.; Tucher, N.; Müller, B.; Steinkemper, H.; Hohl-Ebinger, J.; Schubert, M.C.; Warta, W.
Journal Article
2017Concentrating photovoltaic systems
Steiner, M.; Gerstmaier, T.; Bett, A.W.
Book Article
2017Uncertainty estimation of spectral matching ratio based power rating of CPV modules
Steiner, M.; Siefer, G.; Bett, A.W.
Conference Paper
2016Rating of CPV modules: Results of module round robins
Steiner, Marc; Siefer, Gerald; Baudrit, Mathieu; Askins, Stephen; Domínguez, César; Antón, Ignacio; Roca, Francesco; Fucci, Raffaele; Cancro, Carmine; Romano, Antonio; Graditi, Giorgio; Pugliatti, Paola Maria; Stefano, Agnese di; Kenny, Robert; Norton, Matthew; Minuto, Alessandro; Morabito, Paolo; Muller, Matthew; Riley, Daniel; Pratt, Larry
Conference Paper
2015Quantum efficiency measurement of concentrator photovoltaic modules
Mundus, M.; Rapp, C.; Missbach, T.; Siefer, G.; Hohl-Ebinger, J.; Bett, A.W.; Warta, W.
Conference Paper
2014Prediction of silicon PV module temperature for hot spots and worst case partial shading situations using spatially resolved lock-in thermography
Geisemeyer, I.; Fertig, F.; Warta, W.; Rein, S.; Schubert, M.C.
Journal Article
2014SOPHIA CPV Module Round Robin: Power Rating at CSOC
Siefer, G.; Steiner, M.; Baudrit, M.; Dominguez, C.; Antón, , I.; Roca, F.; Fucci, F.; Pugliatti, P.; Stefano, A. di; Kenny, R.; Morabito, P.
Conference Paper
2014Strategic Vision on PV Research Infrastructure in Europe
Kroon, J.; Bruijne, M. de; Bennett, I.; Arrowsmith, G.; Malbranche, P.; Merten, J.; Assoa, Y.B.; Taylor, N.; Georgyvan, S.; Lauermann, I.; Hüpkes, J.; Siefer, G.; Köhl, M.; Warta, W.; Roca, F.; Theologitis, I.
Conference Paper
2013Uncertainty in PV module measurement. Pt.I: Calibration of crystalline and thin-film modules
Dirnberger, D.; Kraling, U.
Journal Article
2012Uncertainties of laboratory measurements for energy rating
Dirnberger, D.; Müller, B.; Kräling, U.; Dittmann, S.
Conference Paper
2011A comparative study on different textured surfaces passivated with amorphous silicon
Montesdeoca-Santana, A.; Ziegler, J.; Lindekugel, S.; Jimenez-Rodriguez, E.; Keipert-Colberg, S.; Müller, S.; Krause, C.; Borchert, D.; Guerrero-Lemus, R.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2011Improvement of multicrystalline silicon solar cells by a low temperature anneal after emitter diffusion
Rinio, M.; Yodyunyong, A.; Keipert-Colberg, S.; Botchak Mouafi, Y.P.; Borchert, D.; Montesdeoca-Santana, A.
Journal Article
2011Langzeiterfahrungen mit kommerziellen PV-Kraftwerken
Kiefer, K.; Dirnberger, D.
Conference Paper
2011Mastering thin film measurements on a grand scale as a daily routine
Dirnberger, D.; Kräling, U.; Farnung, B.; Neuberger, F.; Kiefer, K.
Conference Paper
2011Präzisionsmessungen an PV-Modulen
Kräling, U.; Neuberger, F.; Farnung, B.; Kiefer, K.
Conference Paper
2010Distributed vs. central inverters - a comparison of monitored PV systems
Kröger-Vodde, A.; Armbruster, A.; Hadek, V.; Heydenreich, W.; Kiefer, K.
Conference Paper