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2016Nanostructure, thermoelectric properties, and transport theory of V2VI3 and V2VI3/IV–VI based superlattices and nanomaterials
Dankwort, Torben; Hansen, Anna-Lena; Winkler, Markus; Schürmann, Ulrich; König, Jan D.; Johnson, David C.; Hinsche, Nicki; Zahn, Peter; Mertig, Ingrid; Bensch, Wolfgang; Kienle, Lorenz
Journal Article
2015Density-functional theory study of point defects in Bi2Te3
Hashibon, A.; Elsässer, C.
Book Article
2015Thermoelectric efficiency of (1-x)(GeTe)x (Bi2Se0.2Te2.8) and implementation into highly performing thermoelectric power generators
König, J.; Winkler, M.; Dankwort, T.; Hansen, A.-L.; Pernau, H.F.; Duppel, V.; Jägle, M.; Bartholome, K.; Kienle, L.; Bensch, W.
Journal Article
2012Current Status in Fabrication, Structural and Transport Property Characterization, and Theoretical Understanding of Bi2Te3 / Sb2Te3 Superlattice Systems
Winkler, Markus; Liu, Xi; Schürmann, Ulrich; König, Jan D.; Kienle, Lorenz; Bensch, Wolfgang; Böttner, Harald
Journal Article
2011(Bi,Sb)2Te3-PbTe chalcogenide alloys: Impact of the cooling rate and sintering parameters on the microstructures and thermoelectric performances
Jacquot, A.; Thomas, J.; Schumann, J.; Jägle, M.; Böttner, H.; Gemming, T.; Schmidt, J.; Ebling, D.
Journal Article
2010Bi2Te3, Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 - Superlattices created using the nanoalloying approach
Winkler, M.; König, J.D.; Buller, S.; Schürmann, U.; Kienle, L.; Bensch, W.; Böttner, H.
Conference Paper
2009Influence of group IV-Te alloying on nanocomposite structure and thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 compounds
Ebling, D.G.; Jacquot, A.; Böttner, H.; Kirste, L.; Schmidt, J.; Aguirre, M.
Journal Article