Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2009Approximation of multiuser rates in MIMO OFDM downlink systems
Schreck, J.; Jung, P.; Wunder, G.; Ohm, M.; Mayer, H.P.
Conference Paper
2008A uniform, reproducible and reliable GaN HEMT technology with breakdown voltages in excess of 160 V delivering more than 60% PAE at 80 V
Waltereit, P.; Bronner, W.; Quay, R.; Dammann, M.; Müller, S.; Kiefer, R.; Walcher, H.; Raay, F. van; Kappeler, O.; Mikulla, M. et al.
Conference Paper
2007Nonlinear downlink beamforming under QoS constraints
Michel, T.; Wunder, G.
Conference Paper
2005An AlGaN/GaN push-pull HEMT amplifier with 400 MHz bandwidth and 100 W peak output power
Kappeler, O.; Quay, R.; Raay, F. van; Kiefer, R.; Reiner, R.; Walcher, H.; Müller, S.; Mikulla, M.; Schlechtweg, M.; Weimann, G.
Conference Paper
2005GaN/AlGaN HEMTs for highly linear communication applications in L-frequency band
Quay, R.; Würfl, J.; Wiegner, D.; Fischer, G.; Schubert, C.; Magerl, G.
Conference Paper