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2019Quantifying Performance of Permeation Barrier - Encapsulation Systems for Flexible and Glass-Based Electronics and their Application to Perovskite Solar Cells
Castro-Hermosa, Sergio; Top, Michiel; Dagar, Janardan; Fahlteich, John; Brown, Thomas M.
Journal Article
2015Ultra-high multi-layer barriers on wheathering stable substrates for outdoor application
Fahlteich, John; Steiner, Cindy; Schiller, Nicolas; Miesbauer, Oliver; Noller, Klaus; Deichmann, Karl-Joachim; Amberg-Schwab, Sabine
Conference Paper
2009Innovative transparent barrier for packaging
Günther, S.; Straach, S.; Schiller, N.; Quiceno, A.
Conference Paper
2009Roll-to-roll technology for transparent high barrier films
Schiller, N.; Fahlteich, J.; Fahland, M.; Schönberger, W.
Journal Article