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2010Indication of cocarcinogenic potential of chronic UMTS-modulated radiofrequency exposure in an ethylnitrosourea mouse model
Tillmann, T.; Ernst, H.; Streckert, J.; Zhou, Y.; Taugner, F.; Hansen, V.; Dasenbrock, C.
Journal Article
2009Absence of genotoxic potential of 902 MHz (GSM) and 1747 MHz (DCS) wireless communication signals: In vivo two-year bioassay in B6C3F1 mice
Ziemann, C.; Brockmeyer, H.; Reddy, S.B.; Prihoda, T.J.; Kuster, N.; Tillmann, T.; Dasenbrock, C.
Journal Article
2005Maternal effects and cancer risk in the progeny of mice exposed to X-rays before conception
Dasenbrock, C.; Tillmann, T.; Ernst, H.; Behnke, W.; Kellner, R.; Hagemann, G.; Kaever, V.; Kohler, M.; Rittinghausen, S.; Mohr, U.; Tomatis, L.
Journal Article
2005Response, thermal regulatory threshold and thermal breakdown threshold of restrained RF-exposed mice at 905 MHz
Ebert, S.; Eom, S.; Schuderer, J.; Apostel, U.; Tillmann, T.; Dasenbrock, C.; Kuster, N.
Journal Article