Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
20215G and beyond for new space: Vision and research challenges
Höyhtyä, Marko; Corici, Marius; Covaci, Stefan; Guta, Maria
Conference Paper
2021Developing and Operating Artificial Intelligence Models in Trustworthy Autonomous Systems
Martínez-Fernández, Silverio; Franch, Xavier; Jedlitschka, Andreas; Oriol, Marc; Trendowicz, Adam
Conference Paper
2021Summarising a Framework for the Certification of Reliable Autonomous Systems
Fisher, Michael; Mascardi, Viviana; Rozier, Kristin Y.; Schlingloff, Bernd-Holger; Winikoff, Michael; Yorke-Smith, Neil
Conference Paper
2021Systems Engineering Roadmap for Dependable Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems
Rasmus, Adler
Conference Paper
2021Towards a framework for certification of reliable autonomous systems
Fisher, Michael; Mascardi, Viviana; Rozier, Kristin Y.; Schlingloff, Bernd-Holger; Winikoff, Michael; Yorke-Smith, Neil
Journal Article
2020Applying Model-Based Systems Engineering to the Development of Autonomous Vessel Functions
Bleisinger, Oliver; Forte, S.; Apostolov, C.; Schmitt, M.
Journal Article
2020Autonomous RDF stream processing for IoT edge devices
Nguyen Duc, Manh; Le Tuan, Anh; Calbimonte, Jean-Paul; Hauswirth, Manfred; Le-Phuoc, Danh
Conference Paper
2020Dependable Computing - EDCC 2020 Workshops. Proceedings
: Bernardi, Simona (Editor); Vittorini, Valeria (Editor); Flammini, F.; Nardone, Roberto (Editor); Marrone, Stefano (Editor); Adler, Rasmus (Editor); Schneider, Daniel (Editor); Schleiß, Philipp (Editor); Nostro, N.; Olsen, Rasmus Løvenstein (Editor); Salle, Amleto di (Editor); Masci, Paolo (Editor)
Conference Proceedings
2020Dynamic Behavior Risk Assessment for Autonomous Systems
Feth, Patrik
: Liggesmeyer, Peter; Berns, K.; Deßloch, S.
2020Introduction of Robot Operating System 2: ROS2
Liao, Yuan
Blog Post
2020Künstliche Intelligenz in sicherheitskritischen Anwendungen
Trapp, Mario
2020Machine Learning in sicherheitskritischen Systemen
Schwaiger, Adrian
Conference Paper
2020Robots to fight marine pollution
Delea, Cosmin
Journal Article
2019Predictive Runtime Simulation for Building Trust in Cooperative Autonomous Systems
Cioroaica, Emilia; Schneider, Daniel; Alzughbi, Hanna; Reich, Jan; Adler, Rasmus; Braun, Tobias
Conference Paper
2019Towards Architecting Digital Twin-Pervaded Systems
Bauer, Thomas; Antonino, Pablo Oliveira; Kuhn, Thomas
Conference Paper
2019Towards Dynamic Safety Management for Autonomous Systems
Trapp, Mario; Weiß, Gereon
Conference Paper
2019Use of AI-based solutions in safety-critical applications
Seydel, Dominique
2004On the real-time cooperation of autonomous systems
Mock, M.