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2010Testing of the toxicity of volatile compounds on human lung cells using the Air/Liquid Interface (ALI) culturing and exposure technique: A prevalidation study
Pirow, R.; Smirnova, L.; Liebsch, M.; Tharmann, J.; Luch, A.; Graebsch, C.; Bauer, M.; Linsel, G.; Siemers, R.; Otto, C.; Berger-Preiß, E.; Kock, H.; Oertel, A.; Ritter, D.; Knebel, J.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2010A toxicological evaluation of inhaled solid lipid nanoparticles used as a potential drug delivery system for the lung
Nassimi, M.; Schleh, C.; Lauenstein, H.D.; Hussein, R.; Hoymann, H.G.; Koch, W.; Pohlmann, G.; Krug, N.; Sewald, K.; Rittinghausen, S.; Braun, A.; Müller-Goymann, C.
Journal Article