Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2000Optical crosstalk within monolithic transceiver ICs on GaInAsP/InP
Kaiser, R.; Hamacher, M.; Heidrich, H.; Albrecht, P.; Janiak, K.; Malchow, S.; Rehbein, W.; Schroeter-Janssen, H.
Conference Paper
1997High-capacity upgrade of a PON by means of wavelength-routers and WDM techniques
Hilbk, U.; Hermes, T.; Saniter, J.; Westphal, F.J.
Conference Paper
1993Blazed Fresnel zone lenses approximated by discrete step profiles: Effects of fabrication errors
Ferstl, M.; Kuhlow, B.; Pawlowski, E.
Conference Paper
1993Clock recovery based on a new type of selfpulsation in a 1.5 mu m two-section InGaAsP-InP DFB laser
As, D.J.; Eggemann, R.; Feiste, U.; Möhrle, M.; Patzak, E.; Weich, K.
Journal Article
1993Holographic elements for optical interconnects at 1.5 mu m
Kuhlow, B.; Ferstl, M.; Kobolla, H.; Pawlowski, E.
Conference Paper
1993Multiterahertz frequency conversion of a picosecond pulse train using nonlinear gain dynamics in a 1.5 mu m MQW semiconductor laser amplifier
Schnabel, R.; Pieper, W.; Ludwig, R.; Weber, H.G.
Journal Article
1992Gigahertz self-pulsation in 1.5 mu m wavelength multisection DFB lasers
Möhrle, M.; Feister, U.; Hörer, J.; Molt, R.; Sartorius, B.
Journal Article
1992Parallel architecture and VLSI implementation of a 80 MHz 2D-DCT/IDCT processor
Liebsch, W.; Boettcher, K.
Conference Paper