Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2010Design of near lattice-matched AlGaInN-barriers for highly-scalable GaN-based transistor structures
Lim, T.; Aidam, R.; Kirste, L.; Waltereit, P.; Müller, S.; Ambacher, O.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2003Electroluminescence efficiency of InGaN light emitting diodes: Dependence on AlGaN:Mg electron blocking layer width and Mg doping profile
Stephan, T.; Köhler, K.; Kunzer, M.; Schlotter, P.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article
2002(AlGaIn)N ultraviolet LED chips and their use in tri-phosphor luminescence conversion white LEDs
Wagner, J.; Kaufmann, U.; Köhler, K.; Kunzer, M.; Pletschen, W.; Obloh, H.; Schlotter, P.; Stephan, T.; Walcher, H.; Ellens, A.; Rossner, W.; Kobusch, M.
Conference Paper
2002Importance of nonradiative recombination process in violet UV InGaN light emmitting diodes
Stephan, T.; Kunzer, M.; Schlotter, P.; Pletschen, W.; Obloh, H.; Müller, S.; Köhler, K.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article
2001Ultraviolet pumped tricolor phosphor blend white emitting LEDs
Kaufmann, U.; Kunzer, M.; Köhler, K.; Obloh, H.; Pletschen, W.; Schlotter, P.; Schmidt, R.; Wagner, J.; Ellens, A.; Rossner, W.; Kobusch, M.
Journal Article
2000Group III-Nitride heterostructures: From materials research to devices
Wagner, J.; Obloh, H.; Kunzer, M.; Schlotter, P.; Pletschen, W.; Kiefer, R.; Kaufmann, U.; Köhler, K.
Conference Paper
2000Optimization of InGaN/GaN quantum wells for violet GaN/InGaN/AlGaN LEDs
Ramakrishnan, A.; Kunzer, M.; Schlotter, P.; Obloh, H.; Pletschen, W.; Köhler, K.; Wagner, J.
Conference Paper
2000Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of InGaN/GaN and AlGaN/GaN heterostructures using a parametric dielectric function model
Wagner, J.; Ramakrishnan, A.; Obloh, H.; Kunzer, M.; Köhler, K.; Johs, B.
Conference Paper