YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020The impact of having an oxygen-rich microporous surface in carbon electrodes for high-power aqueous supercapacitors
Hérou, S.; Crespo Ribadeneyra, M.; Schlee, P.; Luo, H.; Cristian Tanase, L.; Roßberg, C.; Titirici, M.
Journal Article
2019Effect of process parameters in pilot scale operation on properties of organosolv lignin
Rossberg, Christine; Janzon, Ron; Saake, Bodo; Leschinsky, Moritz
Journal Article
2017Impact of pre-treatments on properties of lignocelluloses and their accessibility for a subsequent carboxymethylation
Heise, K.; Rossberg, C.; Strätz, J.; Bäurich, C.; Brendler, E.; Keller, H.; Fischer, S.
Journal Article